Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy Tuesday

At the market on Saturday I had someone ask me, just how do you stay organized with all that small stuff??? and someone else said, boy, I would love to see your studio...as in it must be quite the mess. Well it is a constant struggle to keep things organized. I don't buy much as that is my current philosophy... the only problem is my stuff seems to multiply like rabbits! as word gets out about what I am doing people are always giving me bags and boxes of things they no longer have a use for. By no means am I complaining...it is great and thank you all!! but it does take some organization. The picture above shows a baggie for every letter of the alphabet and I am sorting game pieces into the bags according to their letter so I can find them when I need them.


I started this blog with a letter theme and have just started over again with the alphabet...here is the start of A and B. Apples and Birds.

After working in the studio for a few hours I went to the Treasure Valley Artists' Alliance board meeting. It is so exciting being on the board of a brand new organization...we are currently working on our 5013c non-profit application.

After the board meeting there were still a few hours of daylight and I was able to join Nancy and Marrianne in the studio for our Tuesday night gathering.

 At the studio I worked on decorating the flower pot for one of my pieces and grunging up some letters.  Thanks Marianne.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Capitol City Public Market

I haven't had a booth at the market for awhile. Then Treasure Valley Artist Alliance partnered with The Brick Oven Bistro to help manage 3 of the Art Tents.  Artists who are members of the alliance can set up in one of the booths for up to 3 times.  I chose this weekend as I thought, well by then it will be nice and warm! Boy was I wrong. At one point today I had on 5 layers of clothes including gloves and not one but two down jackets! On the positive side it didn't rain and the wind wasn't too bad. We had lots of people and lots of sales! I sold 3 of my newest pieces as well as some cards and one of my valentine projects- I almost left that one at home!
I had one lady come up and introduce her self to me, who had bought a piece of mine a few years back and says it is her favorite piece of art. I had another woman ask if I could do a custom assemblage with some "junk" she has and I said of course! And then quite a few people asked if I was at Green Chutes or Twigs and Twist as they recognized my style. It's nice getting the recognition. 

The cutest story was a little boy that came up to my booth and slapped down a dollar and a penny, I looked at him and said "What is that for?" and he said "whatever I can get for it" I thought a moment and gave him a bag of ephemera that was marked at $2. He was extremely excited and ran over to show his family.  I hope he makes something with it.

At 6:30 this morning, I was having second thoughts about setting up today but now I can't wait to do it again!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sew & Tell

Sew & Tell
This is one of my new mixed media pieces, I have included the frame in this photo as that is part of the piece. I took an old frame and collaged and painted it to coordinate with the art in the frame. The collage in the center is an encaustic collage with old sewing patterns and other bits of ephemera under layers of wax. This was then attached to a canvas panel that I collaged and painted and added old sewing thread, miniature sewing machine, metal sewing measure, and a tag from some jeans that says "Sew & Tell"

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let's Eat!

Found object Assemblage 7" long x 4 1/2" high

Just in time for Memorial Day, Father's Day or Fourth of July...all of the traditional barbeque days! This little assemblage was created out of a scrap wood base, a bbq pit/watch that I bought at a thrift store of which I covered the face of the watch with an altered photo of some steaks, the block of wood with the word eat was created at the Encaustic Workshop. The odd letters that spell out let's are some I had and some that were given to me by my friend Cindy @ Atomic Treasures.

  I know it's not Tuesday but our friend Marianne was out of town battling the storms in the midwest, so Nancy and I got together this evening for a night of art. This is what I was working on besides the postcards I was filling out to pass out at Sat. Market. I hope the rain waits until I pack up on Sat.!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Winning wine II

51/2" x 71/2" Winning Wine II Found Object Assemblage 
I am getting ready for Capitol City Public Market coming up this weekend. I have not participated for a couple years, I remember that it is lots of fun but also lots of work getting ready. Here's is one of my newest pieces ready to be packed up. I have sold all of the pieces I have ever made related to wine, so I decided to go with that theme. Besides that, I have a lifetime supply of corks! The base is a wooden plaque with a wine photo printed on it that I got at a thrift store on it I glued wine corks...I tried to use as many local wines as I had corks for. The glass is a miniature wine glass that I also found at a thrift store. Glued inside are some glass pebbles and behind the glass is a metal leaf broken off of something. Collaged in the background is the quote by Benjamin Franklin Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and ore tolerance.

If you live in the Boise Area and are an artist and would like to have a booth at Saturday Market but don't want to have to commit to every week...check out this great opportunity:


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Resin Casting

Yesterday, my friend Marianne and I attended Resin Casting at the Scupture Studio in Garden City. 
She is so fast, while I am still thinking about what to say she finished her blog last night.
The photo above shows the set up of the mother mold which will be used to pour the silicone rubber that will become our resin mold.

The sides are sealed with clay to prevent leakage. 
We let the silicone rubber cure while we had lunch, about 70 minutes....

Then you remove the sides and pull out the flexible mold. You can see the bottom of the little objects that I poured the rubber over. I pulled my objects out and then poured the 2 part resin in the openings. We added color and glitter and had fun playing with the different color combinations. The resin needs to cure for about 10 minutes.

Some of my fun little resin pieces.

At the end of class we talked Sue into revealing some of her "secrets."
Fun was had by all.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Memories in Blue

Memories in Blue 20" x 20" (including frame) 

I completed this 8" x 8" encaustic collage back in class in January. I have had it sitting around waiting to figure out how to finish it. I had several old frames out in my storage that someone had given me that were pretty beat up looking and decided to use them. I used one for Saint Sustainability
One I am still working on, and the third frame I used for this project. The frame had a piece of Masonite attached to it, which I painted and added tissue paper.   I painted the frame with transparent acrylics and coated all with mod podge.When it was dry I used e6000 glue to attach the encaustic board. It makes me happy when I can combine items I already have to make something new without having to go out and buy something. 
Create More, Consume Less!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Collage inspired by new BAM exhibit

             12" x 12" collage: JOY.SPIRIT.HOPE
 For this piece the base is a mass produced print on a canvas that I bought at a garage sale. I lightly covered it with gesso so some of the pattern would show through. Next I glued on some 3d shapes and letters. Then added different tissue papers and sewing pattern papers and ephemera, on top of that I stenciled a plastic doily that was my grandmothers (blue lacy circle) Then added transparent acrylic in places and dots of white paint.

 This collage and the one below it started out with cloth covered boxes bought at a thrift store with pink and white print on them. I gessoed both of them and then added vintage music, designs from an old book, part of a wine label and some sewing patterns. Then added transparent layers of acrylic and coated all with Gel Medium.

A new exhibit opened at the Boise Art Museum this past week. Catherine Courtenaye's colorful abstract paintings are inspired by her interest in American 19th century penmanship workbooks, ledgers and documents.  Inspired by her work, I created a few of my own pieces. These can be found at the Boise Art Museum Gift Shop.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saint Sustainability

Saint Sustainability: Patron Saint of Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle 

This 8" x 10" found object assemblage is made up almost entirely of found objects re-purposed specifically to create a new piece of art  to be enjoyed by others and fits the theme of my current passion: Create More, Consume Less.  

Items used include an old dilapidated frame that was given to me that was covered in spider eggs. I cleaned it up, stained it and varnished it. The canvas used for the background was the only thing that was new, I covered it in gold leaf and then added red acrylic and red alcohol ink. The red halo is a glass piece that I was given to me from a "free box" at my mom's Senior Center Thrift Store. The head is a old doorknob. The gold wings came from the Re:Boutique. The breast plate is an odd earring that was given to me for my art and the wings and body found scraps of wood.

Two years ago while attending Art and Soul in Portland, my friend Nancy and I took the train out to the Re:Boutique a school and community action project. Create More, Consume Less was their slogan. It was like a giant ongoing garage sale for artist types.  Another one I have visited that is doing well is MECCA (Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts) in Eugene Oregon.

The Reuse Market here in Boise has been looking for space for the same type of project, currently all their donations are in storage. I have been trying to help them find space but no luck yet...if you know of something please let us know! I would love to see Idaho have a place for people to exchange and share items that could be used for schools and artists instead of going into the landfill!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Leslie

This started out as my contribution to the We Art Women Exquistite Corpse fundraiser. It was worked on by several artists and was then put in a silent auction. It got no bids, so I got it back.  I didn't feel right about trying to sell it and wasn't sure what I would do with it.

Well, last week was my little sisters birthday and she said she would like me to make her something. I had this quote about motivation and working out that I was going to use on a piece celebrating the life of Jack La Lane but thought it would be fitting for this birthday project as Leslie has been working hard this year to lose 100 lbs. I think this time she is really going to do it. She seems really motivated. So I thought this quote would be quite appropriate for her gift and this box was the perfect place to use it.

Unfortunately I do not have a before picture, besides adding the quote, I added most of the embellishments on the front and inside and added paint around the inside of the box, including the word Believe.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shoe Art

Shoes Tell Stories Shoe Shrine
 My other project this week was working on some art for the museum gift shop for the opening of their new exhibit, The Perfect Fit: Shoes Tell Stories. I will be touring school groups through this exhibit in the next few weeks. I think the children will really like this exhibit as there are many artist depictions of shoes, one of my favorite pair is a pair of black pumps with swimming fins on the front, these are made of paper mache, but look like rubber.

The Perfect Fit Shoe Shrine
 The three shoe shrines I created were started with 3 gold Christmas ornaments I bought last weekend at an Estate Sale, and a childrens book with a 3D character, whose feet I had to cut off for his shoes! The rest of the items I had in my stash of stuff, old jewlery, beads, a miniature ice skate, miniature cowboy boot and miniature pair of wooden shoes and a tassel.

Shoe Shrine Found Object Assemblage

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dog Tribute

I have had several commissions this past week that have kept me quite busy. This is one of them that I did for a friend who wanted to give it to their friend who's dog had passed away.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Those Crafty Clowns

 Last week I started Crafty Clowns at Marianne's studioI painted over a canvas found at a thrift store with gesso, I then added an ATC that I had already made with a clown theme. I cut out the words from a story that said ...Carnival we've all heard so much...By that time you'll be in an institution... also: ...to perform and "ham it up" like a circus clown. Upper left hand corner is a clown sticker, on top is a porcelain clown from Rose's Tea. Hanging off the side is a wooden part from a baby mobile from the '60's It looks like a clown baby with a tail. 

Crafty Clowns 6"x6" found object Assemblage
When I got home... I added more collage elements, tissue paper and paint. 
As well as an old earring and some beads...enjoy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I love Studio Night at Marianne's

 Tonight Nancy picked me up at 6:30 and we went over to Marianne's to make some art and visit with our friends and drink some wine.  Lynn and Jennifer also came. Lynn was working on a clay horse head and Jennifer was sketching out a watercolor painting. Marianne was working on some mixed media and Nancy made a necklace.  I started my piece on clowns above.
and I started this journal... I made the cover from found objects collected in Mexico. On the first page of the journal I listed all the places my art can be seen this week. 
  1. Visual Arts Collective- We Art Women 2 month show. 
  2. Boise State Radio Offices- Treasure Valley Artist Alliance FORAY show
  3. Green Chutes  ( Meet & Greet on Sat. from 4-7)
  4. Twigs and Twist
  5. Modern Art @ the Modern Hotel This Thurs. from 5-9 room 227 
  6. C.W. Moore Bldg. wall in front of the elevators (next 6 months)
  7. Gift Shop at the Boise Art Museum
Thanks for having us Marianne and thanks for picking me up Nancy. See you next week!