Sunday, January 23, 2011

Encaustics Day 2

Today we played with texture, learning how to carve into the wax,
add oil sticks, letters, transfers, collage etc.

Cheesecloth and rice paper additions

Black and White photo, with wax and scratched into surface with a pencil.

Eve-Marie added many new ideas to our repertoire today...
one of those was using painters tape for making a straight line...since I am now all about adding 3D elements to my artwork --and glueing on top of wax is a conundrum...
I had the perfect idea? (waiting to see if the glue holds)
I traced around the items I wanted to glue down
and then taped them up (in blue)

I used a razor to cut them off and then scraped off any wax that had creeped under the tape.
You now see the white gesso, under the tape.

The finished piece is in the upper left hand corner.
These are some of the other works I finished today,
I know they will change again before you see them, I already have some of my
Every Little Things to add to them.


marianne said...

great work! looks like you had lots of fun & were really productive! can't wait to see them in person (and to see how things evolve).

Diane said...

Wonderful~~--I LOVE all texture!!

rebeca trevino said...

that looks like a lot of fun!!

by the way, i received my ATC in the mail today - love it. thank you thank you thank you.