Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Where did the Summer go?

Interesting that my last blog post was on my cover for the Boise Weekly and this week is the auction for said cover and all 52 covers since last year's auction.

So where did the summer go? Well we bought and sold a home over the summer which involved packing and storing everything in my studio and then setting it up again at the new place. We had to cancel our big plans to travel over the summer...we were supposed to be going to Montreal with the sister in law. Bummer as I've never been and really wanted to go.  But I did have a great summer anyway and was able to participate in many local art showings.

E is for Elephant Assemblage
Art in The Yard at Jaki's
The band is setting up next to my display.
Sola Salon Showing For First Thursday in September
and First Thursday in November.

Small watercolor painting of the solar eclipse which I will be entering in an online show.
Sketching is easier to do when you don't have your whole studio available to use. 
Halloween Show at Evermore.

Friday the 13th Show at Swell.
Part of my Set up at October Boise Open Studio Event. I was  invited to show at a friend's house.