Saturday, May 30, 2015

June 2015 Art Schedule

Bike Art for the Garden

Last night I hosted a meeting of "Art Project Boise" on my back deck.  A nice little group. Each month a word prompt is put out for inspiration and then members show up for a sort of "show and tell" Since it was at my house my 5 minutes stretched into showing almost every piece I've ever made. :)

Monday June 1 
Artist Panel Discussion
join us at the Treasure Valley Artist Alliance monthly meeting 6pm at Idaho Parents Unlimited at 4619 W. Emerald St. Boise ID
I will be moderating a panel of four assemblage artists. 
Marilyn Cosho, Kathleen Keys (James Castle), Kay Seurat, and Cyndy Lounsberry. Come hear how they got started and insider tips and tricks. 

Thursday June 4
First Thursday
I will be the featured artist for Idaho Blueprint and Supply Co. 
5-9 pm 
Artist Trading Card Make and Take
Over 50 pieces of my art will be on display through the end of the month. 

Saturday June 6
Dumpster Dive and Apres Dumpster Dive Workshop
In conjunction with TVAA I will lead an introduction to the Idaho Youth Ranch Outlet. If you would like to attend with other local artists meet in the parking lot on Irving St. at 10:15. 
At noon those that sign up will meet up at my studio and turn those objects into a work of art! 
We still have 4 spaces available. Sign up Here.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Our old table is new again!

We wanted to do something with our everyday dining table. At first I thought I would paint a design on it with those new chalk paints I've been hearing about. Then my husband and I got the idea to glue a map that shows all of our travels onto the table and add collage elements around it then pour resin on top to seal it all.
This photo shows the first attempt of trying to glue down the map. I used a whole jar of acrylic gel medium and it had some horrible wrinkles I couldn't even get out. I carefully took it off before it was dry. The photo shows were parts of the map stuck. I poured water on the table and used a credit card to scratch it all off. 

The map sat around for a week while I gained courage to start over and  got some helpful hints from my friend Marianne and the internet. I tore the map apart on its creases and crinkled up each section to make overall wrinkles and coated the front and back of each section. 

It came out perfect this go around.

After I glued down the pieces, I added dots and swirls of paint between the ephemera. 
The next steps were to put masking tape around all the edges and then pour a coat of 2 part resin. Unfortunately the resin soaked through the map making dark mottled areas where the paper was thinner from it sticking to the table the first go around.  Now what to do?

I decided to start painting on the resin.
I painted our tandem bike.
I really liked the way it turned out so I painted some more...
Next I added our teardrop R-Pod trailer complete with
our little pink and blue trailer shoes under the door. 

Next I added our  Dodge Ram Pickup truck we had to buy to pull the trailer, then the second coat of resin was added. We thought it still needed more "stuff" so my husband and I decided to add some current travel photos to the mix...
In total there are 3 layers of resin. I waited until it was dry to the touch to add the second and third layers. After letting it cure for 72 hours, we removed the tape and had to do a light sanding around the edges as the resin had tried to creep up the tape. I didn't have the resin pour off the sides. The table top is 3' x 4'. I have ordered some silicon place mats so we don't scratch it up or cause any damage since it is a table we use every day. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Birdhouse for fundraiser

I received this letter in my inbox the other day from a friend: 

Dear Artist and Friend of the Animals,
I have these sweet little unfinished birdhouses and I’m looking for folks who would like to support the Idaho Humane Society by painting/designing/enhancing one for our upcoming 25th Annual Lawn Party fundraiser.

I couldn't say no and that afternoon a cute plain wood bird was hand delivered to me to "do my stuff" to.

Here is the finished birdhouse, collaged and painted with a cat guarding the entrance 
and a vintage butterfly pin above the door. 

And a view of the back with some more cats. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


No, I have never been to Alaska but I know it is a beautiful state. I have been collecting items from different states for my mountain biking series but as I am pretty sure I will never be biking there I'm using the items for my color series.

 While starting the blue piece I came across the Alaska bag of goodies I had gathered over the years  and added that to the blue items I had been collecting. I tried the silver frame but it just didn't seem good. Too fancy.

I found this wooden tray and that was it, the collection found it's place. 

7" x 15"

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Awakening
Mrs. Beasley and Her Jaunty New Hat
Join us this Friday night for the opening of the Treasure Valley Artist Alliance Art Show at Boise State Radio. Click on the link for more info. I will have two pieces in the show. Mrs. Beasley and the McBird House. You can click on their links to read about the process of making them.