Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Fifteen Minutes

 This past week I traveled to NYC for the pART World Bicycle Relief event held on 26th st. in the heart of the Chelsea gallery district. We arrived early and were able to see the Chuck Close show just down the street.

Cedar Lake Theatre

I was very impressed with the lighting and display of the show. 

My friend Rebeca Trevino, who had told me about the show won second place for the collage division! She was not able to attend so of course I had to call her immediately and tell her the good news. 

These bicycle figures were made by a Zambian artist. 

some of the other collages:

Mine on the left.  It was fun getting to mingle with the potential buyers and tell them about my piece.
As international a city as New York is, people seemed quite fascinated that Bill and I were from Idaho.  It was as if we were their first visitors from this faraway land.  The marketing director for SCRAM was in fact so intrigued that he called me up on stage to ask about how I ended up at the show.  It was fun sharing how my passion for biking and art came together for this unique event.  So I guess that was my 15 minutes that Andy Warhol predicted.

First Place collage division. It was very hard to get a good photograph of it.  

This was the grand prize winning piece. The artist won a trip to Africa for 2. 

Cuban Music, cocktails and good food.

When we stepped out in the cool evening the sram car was parked out front.
Interesting to see this in the middle of New York City, I'm glad the bikes were still there!