Friday, January 16, 2015

If I don't document it, does it mean it didn't happen?

The conundrum of the blog post. I update Facebook, Twitter and Instagram almost daily but the blog has seemed to take a back burner. Time to catch up and with the New Year and all it seems fitting. I just finished the cover for my new art/travel journal for 2015.

In between the travels I had a two day show at the Arts and Sesqui Shop in Downtown Boise in December. Fun being downtown with other artists.

January has seen me busy with applying for things: 

1. I applied to get another traffic box art project
2. I met with Boise Brewing and will get to do their beer of the month label for July as well as a one person First Thursday show in conjunction with it.
3. I submitted a piece for the Valentines for Aids fundraiser.
4. I got pieces ready for a Gypsy Gallery exhibit for the end of the month.
5. I applied for the BOSCO show at Surel's Place
6. I applied for the Boise Public Art Academy
7. I entered a piece of art for the New Years Potato drop and got a call yesterday that they really liked it but couldn't figure out how to photograph it well and I was thinking to myself welcome to my world. This past year I have made quite a few shadowbox type assemblages with glass fronts that are very difficult to photograph well. Anyway they didn't get to use it for publication but wanted to purchase it for the Idaho Potato Commission offices. Cool!