Saturday, September 26, 2015

Artist studio/Gallery Bike Tour

Today I attended an artist studio/gallery bike tour. These are so cool. I've been on two of the three offered. Why? because the tour combines my two passions, cycling and art!! and second of all I am very curios and love to see what's behind all those walls AND sometimes there are so so many events going on in town that is is hard to catch them all. The tour gives us snippets of lots of different things. It's a smorgasbord of cultural offerings and as this district is growing we may never see the same studio twice!
These are put on by St(r)eam coffee and Tea bike. We meet and are offered one of several delicious tea or coffee options.
This week we met at the brand new studio/gallery space of Zion Warne who gave us a glass blowing demo. 
The second stop of the day was at the shop of Derek Hurd. Really cool Architecture and furniture design. And he helped out a friend of mine that got a flat tire on the bike I lent her!
Next stop was at Surels place. Artist in residence, Andrew Nemr treated us to a tap dance lesson and show. I had missed  his performance in town so was glad to get a chance to meet him in person. 
This particular tour was named the live-work-create tour as illustrated by this street sign. We had another stop at the home of a sculptor whom had passed away and his mother gave us a tour.
The last stop was at the Visual Arts Collective. The current show is "Julia Green's independent Order of the Meow Fellows." (An art show about the Feline Society) This venue was for 21 and older and offered a full bar for those that wanted. I had a cool refreshing local white wine from Cinder. Until next time...