Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Sirin and the Beautiful Beasts

February 6 -11th 2017 I attended The Beautiful Beasts ArtVenture in New Orleans put on by deMeng and Engen. It was not only a workshop but a total art immersion and experience. We were to bring items to create our own fantastical creature that would be part human and part animal. I chose to make a Sirin.
I started with a porcelain doll head and made hair out of two part Apoxie Clay.

A Sirin is a mythological creature of Russian legends, with the head and chest of a beautiful woman and the body of a bird. They were usually portrayed wearing a crown or numbus. Sirins sang beautiful songs. For mortals however the birds were dangerous. Men who heard them would forget everything on earth, follow them, and ultimately die.
As I only had one wing and needed two, I cast made the other one out of two part Apoxie Clay.

I couldn't find any bird feet, so made some out of two part Apoxie Clay and wire.

The body is made from a wooden top to a bannister.

Adding the legs and wings and feathers.

The back.

Some wooden tail feathers adds to it.

Playing with different colors and embellishments.

I think it's done.

The critique on the last day. It's wonderful hearing Michael's input on each piece and getting to see everyone's projects. 

Parades and Costumes


Optional Workshop- Beautiful Beasts Coat of Arms Banner Workshop with Andrea deMeng

My Banner "Knowledge is Power" 

Dinner and tour of MovieSet: Reel Venue

Time to walk around and admire NOLA

New Friends

Wonderful dinner at Brennan's

Swamp AirBoat Tour

The magical water

The Insectarium and bug tastings, yes, I did eat some. gross.

Photography stop at St. Roch Cemetery

Despite the 7 tornados that touched down while we were there, it was a wonderful week! Thank you Michael deMeng and Katherine Engen.