Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday Market

I was pleased with my first showing at Saturday Market. I sold 6 pieces and 3 cards. I had lots of positive feedback which I needed to hear...don't we all need that. Two of the adjectives I kept hearing to describe my art was fun and whimsical.
I had told Marianne that I was waiting to buy my own canopy to see how my first day would go, if this was something I would even do again and she said oh, it's lots of fun, even if you don't sell anything just seeing all the people etc. and I agree It was nice to be out, It didn't hurt either that the weather was really nice and my set up was on the shady side of the square so I didn't get hot until almost the end.
My husband was out of town with the truck, so I had to borrow a car and then my daughter overslept and didn't come to help me. So the logistics of doing it all by my self were a little daunting. But I did have my friend Sharki who lent me her car -ride her bike over to help me set up, so that was nice. Now I need to get busy and make some more stuff! Nancy was a doll and found me a couple cute little things at a garage sale that I can use in a project.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back after 6 weeks

Just returned from a 6 week road trip were I had planned to do lots of art but the weather was not cooperative. Since I have been back I have been busy, busy getting ready for First Thursday and Saturday Market. I have made some collage greeting cards, and continue to work on my assemblages. Tues. night was fun at the studio with Nancy and Marianne working on a large painting of The Saguaro National Park we visited in Tuscon. Last night was a Q &A with a museum curator out at Wood River Cellars in Eagle, ID. This coming Saturday is my first time having a booth at the Saturday Market in Downtown Boise.