Sunday, December 14, 2008

Surf, Sun, Sand

this original acrylic painting was completed while attending The Savannah School of Art in Savannah Georgia a couple of summers ago. My teacher was from Egypt and told us how he always put some symbol of man in his landscapes/seascapes...hence the sailboat way off in the distance. Glued to the easel are coral from Florida, sand from Galveston, TX and a wooden boat from Mystic Seaport Connecticut.

eXtraneous iXtappa

Original acrylic painting of some of my miniatures. Attached to the frame are various other miniatures purchased while traveling in Mexico. (My high school years were spent living on the border of Mexico in Texas) This title stretches the letter "X" but I did not have a Xylophone!

Yellow Yes

Wooden Hook with all things yellow. Upside Down. My daughter goes to University Of Oregon (the ducks). After she said she liked this one... guess what? One Christmas gift down.

Maria Milagrosa

$50 SOLD
Maria Milagrosa- Miraculous Mary
This is one of my favorite pieces. This small wooden chest is collaged on all sides. The silver embellishment on top is a vintage piece from Italy. The "M" is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. (both added after the photo was taken) The metal church was purchased in Mexico.
Several inspirations for this confirmation name is Maria. My travels to Mexico. And the reading of "The Secret Life of Bee's" and the black Mary shrine portrayed in the story.

Itinerary: Idaho

This "vintage" looking collage is a personal testament to everything my husband and I love about the outdoor activities available living next to the foothills in Boise. We moved here exactly one year ago and joined Idaho Outdoors, Idaho Mountain Rec., and the Woman's Hiking Network. We have made many wonderful friends on our new adventures in the wonderful state of Idaho.
The Idaho miniature license plate was purchased in Colorado before I ever imagined that I would be living here. DONATED TO "WE ART WOMEN" AUCTION

Natty Nutcracker

$15 yes, this one too requires the jaunty tilt of the head...
painted frame, glitter, Wooden Nutcracker and collaged background.( The title of this one necessitated the use of my Thesaurus. )

Peaceful Pastures

Yes, you have to turn your head or your computer screen to the left to view this one from the correct angle.
Original acrylic painting, vintage sheep from my mom, plastic trailer. This is inspired by the farms we visited in Iowa and the sheep I see in the foothills of Boise, ID.

Road Rally

I have never been on a road rally but my parents talked about the fun times they had back in the 50's and 60's participating in several. The red '76 corvette is a copy of the one I owned back in the 80's. The "1st" on top is from one of my daughters trophies that she donated to the cause
( mom's art career)

Vast View

All things tall- the Eiffel Tower was purchased in Paris, France. The Empire State Bldg. was purchased in New York City. Birds are perched on the top. Lizards are crawling up the sides of this handmade, handpainted/collaged wooden box. one of a kind. $40

Saturday, December 13, 2008

LadyBug Love

Shadow Box of Valentine sachet, miniature strawberry pie, ceramic hearts, bird house, stickers, glass ladybug, silk rose. $25

Magic Monkey Mirror

This piece consists of a vintage necklace that was my mothers, a mirror from The Museum Co. and a plastic monkey and bananas. I sold this one to my friend Nancy. SOLD

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gypsy Gallery

I found this old, slightly suggestive dog sculpture at a yard sale years ago, then I bought this mirrored shadow box at a local craft store it fit the dogs perfectly and the marriage was complete. $75

Tonight I am putting the finishing touches on all my pieces for my first showing in Boise. 36 pieces! Also with the help of a good old friend, I am publishing my blog for the first time and printing business cards.

I have been accepted into the Gypsy Gallery- a group of 7 artists without a permanent home, hence the name Gypsy.

Please join us for our 6th Annual Holiday show on First Thursday, December 4 from 6-9 p.m. in the lobby of the Pioneer Building at 6th and Main. (entrance on 6th or through the shops)