Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Find the Fish amongst the Flora, Fauna and Flamingo's in Finest Florida

Find the Fish amongst the Flora and Fauna and Flamingo's in Finest Florida
4" x 4" collage/assemblage on canvas

 Ok, so this title might just be a little over the top, but I had kind of gotten away from the roots of this blog and my assemblages that were all based on a letter of the alphabet. They all had alliteration names, meaning two words that started with the same letter, Art Angels, Budda's Best, Curious Cats, Dream Destination, Elephants Excursion, Fascinating Frieda, Global Garden, Horse Haven, Itinerary: Idaho, Jubilant Joy, Kinky Keys, Ladybug Love, Maria Milagrosa, Natty Nutcracker, Obama Optimism, Peaceful Pastures, Quip Quote, Red Roses, Sweet Shop, Trumpeting Trolls, Vast View, Winning Wine, Yellow Yes, and Zany Zoo.

I had done one for every letter of the alphabet and then some and kind of got, shall we say tired of it. Until this piece.

When you open the little drawer in the center you find the fish! This piece is based on the mystery of Florida in the 60's.

My grandfather used to go down there every winter from NJ. and always brought me back a kitchy and often non politically correct gift. As you can see I have saved some of them:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Three New Chunkies

The start of 6 new pieces, I gather my littles bits and pieces and see what kind of themes I can come up with.

I gathered my items for each piece in a bag and then carted them over to Marianne's studio last Tuesday. Then I start adding paint and collage to fit the theme and color scheme. Later in the week looked through some old books that were given to me with out their covers and I cut out parts of sentences that will work for the title and hint at a story line for the piece.  I finish them with a coat of Heavy Gel. 
Face the Music
    4" x  4"
collage/assemblage on canvas

...And Smelled of Hay
4" x 4" 
collage/assemblage on canvas

The Old Red Truck

4" x 4" 
collage/assemblage on canvas

How did I start with 6 and wind up with 3. Well I finished Carbaholic last week and already posted it. And am still working on the last 2 which might be butterflies and flamingos.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Far From Average

Far From Average
19" h x 10" w x 4'" d
Found Object Assemblage

This piece started with the wooden ball I was given. I thought it would make a great head. Then the embroidery hoop caught my attention and the thought of creating a saint like person was born. I needed a purpose or theme for this project.

I thumbed through the book In Celebration of Women, given to my by my good friend Mary Hernandez whom I taught with in Dallas for 10 years when I left to pursue my masters degree. I found the quote " Each woman is far from average in the daily heroics of her life, even though she may never receive a moment's recognition in history. " introduction to "Women & Work", Newsage Press

I liked that quote and thought I might tie that in somehow. I then left for my Docent meeting at the Boise Art Museum and Bob happens to mention did we remember that March is Women's History Month. This years theme is Our History Is Our Strength.  Stories of women's achievements, which tied into my masters ThesisThe influence of a female high school art educator on the careers of her students.

So now my piece had a meaning! Celebrating women's achievements!

Nothing was bought specifically for this piece. It is made entirely of items that were cast off, previously used for another purpose. The outer halo is an embroidery hoop, the next circle was a tin and cardboard container given to me by a friend, I put gold leaf on it and glued gold buttons and baubles with E6000 glue. The upper body is a bagel holder/slicer thingy that didn't work so well for what it was made for and the lower body is a piece of discarded lumber. The mirror is attached to the front for you to reflect on your own life, who may just find out you are far from average too!

Monday, March 21, 2011


4" X 4" canvas

First I spread modeling paste over the entire surface of the back of the canvas. 
I let that dry and then painted a thin wash of brown acrylic and  let dry. I knew I wanted to use the baking theme as I had the little miniatures. I  looked through a cooking magazine and found the word carblover. I glued that on the back of the glass block and glued that in the center. After gluing the miniatures, I made white dots around the edges to mimic icing and then did another wash of brown over them. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Windy Windy Sunday

The first day of spring! The wind woke me up this morning- thought it was going to tear the roof off our patio! I sit here typing watching the pine trees across the street look as though they are dancing to a frenzied jazz piece.

This past week I received my third check from art sales for the Month of Feb. A good start to the year.

Listen To The Whispers

Ode to Charles Wilson Peale
Cabinet of Curiosities
I also received notification that two of my pieces (pictured above) were accepted for the "We Art Women" extended 2 month show at the Visual Arts collective aka the VAC. Thursday April 14th 5-10. Opening Gala.

I applied for Art in The Park, a fundraiser for the Boise Art Museum. It's a big national Art Fair held at the park next to the Museum.

This coming weekend March 26th is the Grand opening of Green Chutes, I volunteered to host an ATC trading card booth.

Today, as a member of BOSCO, I have been invited to the studio of artist John Kilmaster. Should be a fun afternoon.

And last but not least I started on several new pieces of art, but I'll save that for the next blog.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Art in the Mountains

A friend of mine from Texas (Marianne) saw my posts on Facebook about skiing this past week and she was exclaiming..."it's spring...why are you skiing?" My response was that since moving to Idaho I have learned that spring comes much later than in Texas. The first year I was here we skied on Cinco De Mayo! 

This past week I joined a group of 9 men and 4 women on a backcountry ski tour, oh did I mention, I don't back country ski and was on snow shoes...well anyway... we had a great time and I kept up fine, even breaking trail on the way back through 25 inches of new powder! 

Tea Time for One
4" x 6" water color/collage

While at the Yurt I broke out my travel art kit and set out a fine cup of tea 
after melting 9 buckets of snow. 

Through the Yurt Door
4" x 6" Watercolor

It was still overcast and snowing, so I sat by the Yurt door and painted the scene outside.

And a Fine Powder Day it Was
 4" X 6" Watercolor

As the day wore on and it got warmer and sunnier
 I moved outside and sketched the yurt and Brenda's skis. 

After going a little stir crazy I  decided to make a bad girlfriend for Smokey the Bear. 
This is Smokey the SnowBearette. 

The whole crew celebrating 2 birthdays, Mardi Gras and St. Patricks day all in one night 
and yes I have a real elk foot flask in my hand! 
What a great trip it was! 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

And All Came Out To Celebrate!

I found this sad looking piece of a former Easter decoration at a thrift store in Emmett Idaho last month for 25cents. I knew it needed a second life and wasn't ready for the dust bin yet! This was great fun. I had the fence which I painted and stained and glued on the back. I collaged the base and house. I added lots more figures and added paint to the window and door. I glued a bird peeking out of the window and a rabbit peeking out of the screen door. I painted and collaged a plane wooden chick and glued her to the roof.  
 I have named this piece And All Came Out To Celebrate!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Artist Journals and My Travel Art Kit

Art Journals

I didn't realize quite how many art books I had made over the years, until my friend Vicky asked if she could come see some of them yesterday. They range from travel journals with collages of tickets stubs etc. to sketching journals to altered hard cover books, to sculptural books with hand made covers. 

This then got me thinking about my upcoming backpacking/snowshoe trip to a yurt up in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho and how I would have a couple of days to work on some art while the others were off back country skiing in avalanche country. 

Travel Art Kit

So here is my travel art kit. It all fits in this 5" x 7 "pouch and all of it weighs 1 lb. Cause if you gotta carry it on your back you better think about taking just the necessities. Included is a small watercolor set with brush, pencil, sponge, eraser. A tube of white gouache, a small set of colored pencils with sharpener, a small set of crayons, a small set of markers, folding scissors, a glue stick a sketchbook and a watercolor tablet.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Monkey, Beehives and Flowers

Lucky Monkey
4" x 4"

After selling two of my little chunkies right away, one at the museum gift shop and one at The Gypsy First Thursday show, that was all the encouragement I needed to make some more.  Lucky Monkey has phrases such as "little rascal chattering like a monkey," " Stay in your pajamas, there is no need to get dressed," and "keys attached to his lucky monkey's head" The photo behind the glass cube is Curious George reading a book. Attached are some little jewels and 2 old keys from a small padlock that was my daughters.

Eloquent Link
4 X 4 

This piece contains the quotes "celebrated as the age of reason, an era when intellectual ferment, artistic, and literary experiences...," " chaos reigns in a crumbling world," and "plants provide an eloquent link"
In this piece I am using the juxtaposition of a genteel peace and calm with the chaotic world we live in.

4 x 4 

detail shot of Wonderment

This piece is based on a story about Leonardo DaVinic's workshop. some of the quotes in this piece are: " A Beehive of mental activity," " Wonderland, " "adventure in the air," and "exploring." I love the little drawer. I have one more so you will be seeing it again.

I hope you have as much fun looking at these pieces as I have had making them. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Artful March

Works in progress.

Saturday I was invited to be a part of an exquisite corps for auction pieces for the We Art Women Show coming up. It was a great time of sharing ideas and getting to know some artists I hadn't spent any real time with. Here is Marianne's good description of the event.

Wednesday I participated on an artists panel at Timberline High School in Jerry Hendershot's AP Art class. There were 5  artists all in different media, presenting our work and starting a dialogue with the students about the idea behind your art, how to talk about it, what it means, etc. They are students that are just now developing artist statements and learning to discuss their work. This was what is hopefully the first of many interactions with this group of students. It was lots of fun and you could tell the students were very appreciative that we took the time (2 hours) to come speak. We ran out of time. Next time the students will share their work with us. This talk will be continued in an online forum which I think my blog will be linked to. 

Tonight I'm off to our Gypsy Gallery event for First Thursday @ Gallery J 14th and Main in downtown Boise.
 5-9 pm come on by....