Thursday, March 3, 2011

Artful March

Works in progress.

Saturday I was invited to be a part of an exquisite corps for auction pieces for the We Art Women Show coming up. It was a great time of sharing ideas and getting to know some artists I hadn't spent any real time with. Here is Marianne's good description of the event.

Wednesday I participated on an artists panel at Timberline High School in Jerry Hendershot's AP Art class. There were 5  artists all in different media, presenting our work and starting a dialogue with the students about the idea behind your art, how to talk about it, what it means, etc. They are students that are just now developing artist statements and learning to discuss their work. This was what is hopefully the first of many interactions with this group of students. It was lots of fun and you could tell the students were very appreciative that we took the time (2 hours) to come speak. We ran out of time. Next time the students will share their work with us. This talk will be continued in an online forum which I think my blog will be linked to. 

Tonight I'm off to our Gypsy Gallery event for First Thursday @ Gallery J 14th and Main in downtown Boise.
 5-9 pm come on by....

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