Saturday, March 5, 2011

Monkey, Beehives and Flowers

Lucky Monkey
4" x 4"

After selling two of my little chunkies right away, one at the museum gift shop and one at The Gypsy First Thursday show, that was all the encouragement I needed to make some more.  Lucky Monkey has phrases such as "little rascal chattering like a monkey," " Stay in your pajamas, there is no need to get dressed," and "keys attached to his lucky monkey's head" The photo behind the glass cube is Curious George reading a book. Attached are some little jewels and 2 old keys from a small padlock that was my daughters.

Eloquent Link
4 X 4 

This piece contains the quotes "celebrated as the age of reason, an era when intellectual ferment, artistic, and literary experiences...," " chaos reigns in a crumbling world," and "plants provide an eloquent link"
In this piece I am using the juxtaposition of a genteel peace and calm with the chaotic world we live in.

4 x 4 

detail shot of Wonderment

This piece is based on a story about Leonardo DaVinic's workshop. some of the quotes in this piece are: " A Beehive of mental activity," " Wonderland, " "adventure in the air," and "exploring." I love the little drawer. I have one more so you will be seeing it again.

I hope you have as much fun looking at these pieces as I have had making them. 

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