Saturday, January 21, 2017

Process of a Collage

Much Ado About Nothing 18" x 24"

Step 1 get rid of the white of the canvas by brushing a couple different of colors around, it doesn't matter if you cover the canvas completely. 

Next I went through my stash of ephemera and started cutting, tearing and gluing, tissue paper, flowers from a birthday card, a canvas bracelet that was a gift, parts of a calendar and a business card from an art studio in Hawaii. 

Step 3: More layering of papers with addition of white paint circles and oil pastels overlapping some of the papers to give a more unified feel. The wooden bicycle was later removed... 
...when I found an old page from the Shakespeare play "Much Ado About Nothing" I was making this piece for a show titled  Love and Heartbreak. One of the quotes I used was from Beatrice, "A dear happiness to women, they would have else been troubled with a pernicious suitor. I thank God and my cold blood, I am of your humor for that: I would rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me."
For some three dimensionality, I took a completed small piece right off my studio wall named "button candy' and glued it at the bottom slightly to the right of center.  This piece was made with buttons and resin. Other 3D items include a miniature circus horse from my collection, a vial of glitter, a resin heart and a glass blown fish drink stirrer. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Love and Heartbreak

"R" Mixed Media 16' x 20"

"If You Have a Blank, Expose It" Mixed Media 81/2" x 11"

"Much Ado About Nothing" Mixed Media 18" x 24" 

"Polish Dance" Mixed Media 11" x 14" 

"White Roses" Mixed Media 10' x 10" 
These are my five entries into the Art Project Boise "Love and Heartbreak exhibit" to be held at the Owyhee Hotel Lobby The month of February.  We will see which get chosen. Opening on First Thursday, February 2nd.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Les Boise - SOLD
 Update on the BOSCO Show at BSU, I was grateful that I was able to attend the opening. Then just before the show closed I got a call from a woman wanting to buy my mixed media piece. Les Bois she was excited to meet me and to come see my studio. I love meeting people that are excited about my art, what I do and "get me"

My project is titled Pennies From Heaven. I did not personally know Bob but as an artist living in Boise for the past 9 years I admired his work.  After reading through Bob’s Art Farm website and learning about his interests and art projects, I was particularly interested in his and Jeanne’s Penny Project. I tried to figure a way to make my piece pay homage to Bob, be interactive and incorporate my love of using found objects. Bob is the angel and he his still making people happy tossing his pennies down from heaven.  I created my hanging piece by using found objects, mostly jewelry and added several good luck charms, including an elephant and a Hamsa to protect against the evil eye. I also glued pennies to it.  The angel made out of wire was found as is in the Owyhee desert.

 Take a penny, leave a penny...whatever makes you happier"

The opening of Bob's Art Farm. 
I over heard Jeanne say after the show, "I wish I could buy all these pieces" that really touched me and I contacted her shortly after and invited her to come over and see my studio and come pick up her new piece. It made my heart happy. 
 new Frida pieces, These will be at this Thursday's show.

Sketching with my friend Marianne.

The opening is this First Thursday, November 3 at Sola Salons, 1197 W. Main St in the Owyhee Plaza building, 6-9 p.m. for a Pop Up Art Show featuring the artists of Studio M. Wine available 6-8:30 from Syringa Winery.

Most Sundays for the past 5 years, artists Jaki Katz, Lynn Fraley, Marianne Konvalinka, Nancy Panganiban, Pam McKnight and Sue Rooke have gathered in Marianne's studio for art making and fellowship. The group works in a variety of media and styles, but our time together has influenced our work- we get input on sticky pieces, compare notes on media and learn from each other. This show brings together work from these artists and Lisa Cheney, also a Studio M regular.

Please join us First Thursday to meet the artists and view a variety of fine art- acrylic painting (Jaki Katz, Nancy Panganiban), assemblage ( Pam McKnight), ceramic (Sue Rooke), mixed media ( Lisa Cheney, Lynn Fraley and Marianne Konvalinka).

The show will be up during normal operating hours through January 2017. 
Siren's Song
Mixed Media/Encaustic collage

left-008130 - $75
top- Paper Wasp - $125
right- Present Moment- $75
bottom- Frida - $75

 Souvenirs de France $125 Found Object/Mixed Media/resin
Fields of Lavender $75 Acrylic

Wine is Life $50 mixed media
At the Winery $50 mixed media

"If I'm Going to Die..." $125 Collage/Mixed Media

Mini Cooper Assemblage commission
And last but not least I received a ride home from a friend in her mini cooper and we talked about how my dad was the 1970 mini cooper Champion racer. She said she has a friend that collects mini's and that would be cool if I could make a little assemblage to give her friend. I just so happened to have a mini. This one makes me smile and think of my dad. I love those easy commissions that just come together and make everyone happy.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bob's Art Farm and Surel's Place and other events...

The last two art...

I Currently I have pieces up in a Gypsy Gallery show at the CW Moore Plaza,
which runs through October. 

 and a Piece in the Boise Open Studio Show at the SUB Gallery At Boise State. 
First Thursday in August I was in a pop up show at West Elm, Boise.

The last two weekends I was busy packing and unpacking for two different pop - up shows. One in conjunction with the Bike Art Tour in Garden City...I was set up at Split Rail Winery. 

The other show was the Great Junk Hunt, a National Vintage tour that set up at Idaho Expo.

 I shared a booth with two friends. 

I'm still working in my little watercolor journal...

And enjoy my Sunday afternoons at Studio Em sharing art and good times with my friends. 
Coming Up:

  1. This Friday Sept. 30 5:30 - 8:30 Bob's Art Farm Opening at Surel's Place, everyone is invited... check out the details here:
  2. Next Friday October 7th I have had 2 pieces of art accepted for the Treasure Valley Artist Alliance Show "Private Idaho" at the Public Radio Offices on Park Center Blvd. 
  3. First Thursday in November I will be in a group show with my Studio mates at the Salon's at the Owyhee Plaza. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Yay! My second public art project is up. 

 This one is located in Forest Service Park in Ketchum, ID. (Sun Valley)

 Thanks to so many people for helping with the project. Karen Bubb for help on the application. Joyce Fabre for the before and after photos. Courtney Gilbert for going to bat for me to be able to use non-profit logos and helping me through the process.

Club Ride and Rebecca Rusch for a stickers and a belt buckle to use in the collage and Boise Bicycle Project for gears and chains. 

Bicycle nonprofits represented are Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League, Wood River Bicycle Coalition and the International Mountain Bike Association. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016


A few weeks ago my husband and I watched a movie called Room about a young boy who spends the first six years of his life confined in a room with his mother.  After the boy and his mother break free of their confines life is both incredibly exciting and rich but also overwhelming.  They refer to life in captivity as Room and life outside of that as World.  I sometimes feel this way transitioning back and forth from months in our travel trailer to our home in Boise. Life is so simple most of the time in the trailer, and while it is exciting to return to all of the more complex and varied life of home, it is also a bit overwhelming.  First World Problem... right.

I am excited to escape the heat of Boise summer and discover some new and beautiful places in Room (the latest nickname for our trailer), but I have been busy for the last couple of months in World.  I started a women's mountain biking group, had my art accepted for a Ketchum ID utility box, entered three works in a call for artists in Seattle, submitted three works to the 2017 Boise Art Museum Triennial, submitted three works to be considered for the Boise Weekly cover and sold three pieces of original art to a local office.  So while it's sometimes a bit disorienting to go from Room to World and then back again, I am grateful that both places are good ones.

WoWoW (Women on Wheels on Weekdays)

Sneak Peak of the Utility Box in Ketchum

Three water related pieces of art in my studio

Saturday, January 23, 2016


I don't know how many of you that read my blog are also on Instagram but it has seriously highjacked my postings on here! I had no idea I hadn't posted since November, I thought it had just been a few weeks as I post almost daily on Instagram. You can find me on there as @boiseartist. Be sure to comment and I will follow your photos as well!

It's Not All Black And White

Election Year

These two pieces were accepted in the TVAA show opening next week, "This American Life" at the Boise State Public Radio Station on Park Center

Entry for 6x6 show at Art Source Gallery in March

Lots of winter travel, fat-biking, cross country skiing snowshoeing and journaling

What else have I been up to? Have you checked out my lovely daughter is keeping it updated for me! 

I highlight of my week I look forward to is my friends studio night. I really look forward to these evenings where we not only catch up on each others lives but share our thoughts and observations about life and art. 

My website has all the shows I am currently in or coming up this winter/spring. Including a FREE Valentine DIY class, check out page 37.

This is just a small part of what I have been up to...go to my Every Little Thing Face Book Page, my Instagram, and my Website to see the rest.

Thank for following me. Peace. Pam