Sunday, June 24, 2018

Mini Mixed Media Frame Project

 I stopped by a garage sale by my house and came upon these gems. They were all wrapped up in there original plastic but had seen better days. I wound up having to throw away the actual art and the wood they were mounted on as they were moldy. 
But I could save the beautiful metal frames from Italy. I cleaned them up and added some white highlights.

Then I tinted them with layers of transparent washes of Golden acrylics.
I traced the shape of the frame on paper made for acrylic paint and added a few layers of paint and tissue papers.

Now what to add next? I went through my old transparencies from teaching and cut this one up.
and layered those on top of the collages.
The glass needed attention next, I cleaned and scraped off the paper that was stuck to them and added details with pen and paint. 
Now the fun of mixing and matching the collages with the frames and glass.

A more tedious next step was cutting out new backing for all of them.

I glued the cardboard in with liquid nails and glued paper over that with Elmers and then signed each one.

Last, I added small embellishments and dots and flourishes a la Michael DeMeng. 
Before and After

 What do you think? I sold one the next day and still have 6 available. Thanks for looking. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Details from "Be" 

 In between filling out applications for various shows, working on the cello project and The Sketchbook project, I've been working on this fun little project for "Thrifty Show." A Swell collective show using something from a thrift store.

The birds water dish says, " Friendship is a blessing"

The project started with a birdcage from the Youth Ranch Thrift Store and the glass beads from the Salvation Army.

Aladdin's' shoe filled with magical birdseed. 

The clasp to open the cage is a ladybug brooch from the ReUse Market.

Lots of beads, baubles and dots of paint. 

"Be", to be content with where you are in life and to make the most of it. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cello Art

The blank canvas

In December I answered a call from the Treasure Valley Artist Alliance to Artists to make a cello into a work of art. 2 artists would be chosen and I was one of them! Below is my proposal: 

 A few years ago I was given a violin in disrepair to use in my art. I had fun turning it into an homage to a Native American violinist. Researching Zitkala-Sa I used paint, found objects and collage elements to represent the musician. In this project I would use metal gears and chains and other cast off items to turn the cello into a steampunk cello. This idea sprang from my research on famous women cellists and I came across a current cellist who plays in the style of Steampunk music. I was intrigued by the name she goes by: “Unwoman” taken from the book “The Handmaids Tale” Unwomen are the lesbians, feminists and others who wouldn’t submit to authority. I related to Unwomans answer when asked about her creative process. She said each song might have a unique creative process since there is so much experimentation. Some of it is on the fly and some of it is labored over. In my art I enjoy taking items that no longer have an intrinsic value in and of themselves and relish turning them into something new to be enjoyed by someone else rather than end up the in the trash. I would be honored to be chosen for this project.

My first step in the process was to gather all my bits and bobs and see what I had. I needed a focal point and created a little Unwoman character charm. 

I started laying pieces on the cello but didn't glue them down as I kept shifting things around as I would find yet another piece that would look better in place. 

The butterfly wings were the perfect addition to fill out the top and the colors blended beautifully.

It was at around this point that I started gluing items down. I would just glue a few at a time and let them dry. I am fortunate to have a room dedicated just to this project. I queried the "WorldWide Assemblage Group" on FB as to which adhesive I should use. Amazing Goop came out the winner. It is thicker than E-6000 that I had previously used.  

Then it was time to start working on the sides.

Almost there...and more and more stuff to work with surrounds it on the floor.

The finishing touches were adding dots of paint to strategic locations.

Lots of fun stuff hanging from the top.

I have been collecting small items from friends for years. Broken watch bands and jewelry, belt buckles, buttons and pins.

I went for balance but not complete symmetry as to add some interest.

The butterfly body is antique mother of pearl handle to a mirror or butterknife.

I used a mixture of steampunk gauges and gears mixed with feminine touches of flowers and pearls.

I have pieces wired and hanging to add layers of interest. Watches, musical instruments, bells and locks.

Watch parts and chains and bottle caps and meat grinder blade. 

Zipper pull, light bulb charms, washers and bits of this and that. I laid them out by color, size and shape to all blend together around the edges. 

The other side. 

Gathering supplies to make a stand, had to make 2 trips to home depot as the first dowel I bought was too wide to fit in the hole in the bottom of the cello. 

Screwing into the base I had from something else...

Then screwing the dowel into the stand and sliding the cello down over the stick.
All told I spent approximately 20 hours on it spread out over about 4-5 weeks. I'm pretty happy with it. I am told it will be on display at several shows and then will be auctioned off as a fundraiser for the Treasure Valley Artist Alliance. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Where did the Summer go?

Interesting that my last blog post was on my cover for the Boise Weekly and this week is the auction for said cover and all 52 covers since last year's auction.

So where did the summer go? Well we bought and sold a home over the summer which involved packing and storing everything in my studio and then setting it up again at the new place. We had to cancel our big plans to travel over the summer...we were supposed to be going to Montreal with the sister in law. Bummer as I've never been and really wanted to go.  But I did have a great summer anyway and was able to participate in many local art showings.

E is for Elephant Assemblage
Art in The Yard at Jaki's
The band is setting up next to my display.
Sola Salon Showing For First Thursday in September
and First Thursday in November.

Small watercolor painting of the solar eclipse which I will be entering in an online show.
Sketching is easier to do when you don't have your whole studio available to use. 
Halloween Show at Evermore.

Friday the 13th Show at Swell.
Part of my Set up at October Boise Open Studio Event. I was  invited to show at a friend's house. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Spring Updates

One of my bike collages made the cover of the local alternative paper for bike week! yay!  
I will have 12 other bike collage pieces on display at Idaho Blueprint and Supply 619 W. Main Street, Boise with an opening on First Thursday June 1. I will also be on hand during the evening making art and selling my famous one of a kind collage cards. Show will hang through the month. 

Four of my assemblage pieces were chosen for the Art Project Boise show "Animals" also opening at First Thursday June 1 at the Owyhee Lobby 1109 W. Main Street in Boise. This show will also hang for the month. 

Time Out 
Mixed Media Assemblage
5 " x 12"

This piece started with the alligator head my daughter brought me back as a souvenir from Florida. The title and piece represent going to work or not having enough time to get your work done. It also represents technology and how it makes our lives "easier" yet somehow feels like one (blog, Facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, tumblr, instagram) more thing to get done. 

Time For The Show
Mixed Media Assemblage
11" x 20"

Victorian Fantasy Steampunky Circus with a flying giraffe, Ringling Brothers circus ticket, a tiger on a tightrope, vintage Waltham pocket watch from Grandpa, vintage buttons from Aunt Rose, game pieces, beads and hand painted designs. 

D is For Ducks
Mixed Media Assemblage
6" x 6"

This is one of a series I created based on each letter of the alphabet. One of my daughters graduated from University of Oregon, home of The Ducks.

Full Moon Barnyard Shenanigans
Mixed Media Assemblage
6" x 6"

We were out camping during a full moon not far from a farm and heard all kinds of animal noises all night just down the hill from camp. This piece captures what could have been going on that night. 

Hope to see you on Thursday at Idaho Blueprint!