Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Where did the Summer go?

Interesting that my last blog post was on my cover for the Boise Weekly and this week is the auction for said cover and all 52 covers since last year's auction.

So where did the summer go? Well we bought and sold a home over the summer which involved packing and storing everything in my studio and then setting it up again at the new place. We had to cancel our big plans to travel over the summer...we were supposed to be going to Montreal with the sister in law. Bummer as I've never been and really wanted to go.  But I did have a great summer anyway and was able to participate in many local art showings.

E is for Elephant Assemblage
Art in The Yard at Jaki's
The band is setting up next to my display.
Sola Salon Showing For First Thursday in September
and First Thursday in November.

Small watercolor painting of the solar eclipse which I will be entering in an online show.
Sketching is easier to do when you don't have your whole studio available to use. 
Halloween Show at Evermore.

Friday the 13th Show at Swell.
Part of my Set up at October Boise Open Studio Event. I was  invited to show at a friend's house. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Spring Updates

One of my bike collages made the cover of the local alternative paper for bike week! yay!  
I will have 12 other bike collage pieces on display at Idaho Blueprint and Supply 619 W. Main Street, Boise with an opening on First Thursday June 1. I will also be on hand during the evening making art and selling my famous one of a kind collage cards. Show will hang through the month. 

Four of my assemblage pieces were chosen for the Art Project Boise show "Animals" also opening at First Thursday June 1 at the Owyhee Lobby 1109 W. Main Street in Boise. This show will also hang for the month. 

Time Out 
Mixed Media Assemblage
5 " x 12"

This piece started with the alligator head my daughter brought me back as a souvenir from Florida. The title and piece represent going to work or not having enough time to get your work done. It also represents technology and how it makes our lives "easier" yet somehow feels like one (blog, Facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, tumblr, instagram) more thing to get done. 

Time For The Show
Mixed Media Assemblage
11" x 20"

Victorian Fantasy Steampunky Circus with a flying giraffe, Ringling Brothers circus ticket, a tiger on a tightrope, vintage Waltham pocket watch from Grandpa, vintage buttons from Aunt Rose, game pieces, beads and hand painted designs. 

D is For Ducks
Mixed Media Assemblage
6" x 6"

This is one of a series I created based on each letter of the alphabet. One of my daughters graduated from University of Oregon, home of The Ducks.

Full Moon Barnyard Shenanigans
Mixed Media Assemblage
6" x 6"

We were out camping during a full moon not far from a farm and heard all kinds of animal noises all night just down the hill from camp. This piece captures what could have been going on that night. 

Hope to see you on Thursday at Idaho Blueprint!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A synopsis of what I've been up to in the first 3 months of 2017

I signed up with VIDA to have my art reproduced on clothing and accessories. click on the link to see my collection and get the current discount. I was very impressed with the workmanship and reproduction. 

I finally finished framing my originals from the Ketchum traffic box.
I used plaster and imprints of bike chains in the mats. 

I made this little piece for a Treasure Valley Alliance show called "Yellow" It's kind of a self-portrait, "Contemplation" viewing self and the artwork above says, "Open to Interpretation" 

I was an invited artist for the Surel's Place Shrinky Dink Show. I attended Karen Bubb's workshop on working with Shrinky Dinks as it had been 20 years...I'm happy with my results. Come to the auction April 29 and bid on mine!

Making cards for First Thursday in May and June shows in downtown Boise. 

Keeping up in my watercolor journal while traveling for 17 days in February. 

My piece Spalding's Catchfly for an endangered species show at http://www.swellboise.com/ 

A commissioned shadowbox for a friend on "Grief" as she had just lost a dear friend and had this poem typed out for her on the streets of Boise last Sept. 

My current workspace.

Time for playing around with ideas. This one did not come to fruition.
Possible names were, "Yak'n Roll" and "Bridge over Troubled Waters"
 I had sharks and snakes in the water. 

Next was research for another SWELL project. This one is an Historic Preservation Show.
I did get blisters on both feet looking for this bridge on our 22nd wedding anniversary as we were headed to dinner and I was not wearing proper walking shoes. 

First step was painting the canvas and finding appropriate ephemera.

Next was gluing things down with gel medium and adding decorative tapes.

Finished it up with some stencils and paint and some more 3D objects on top. 

Took a friend to all my favorite thrift stores.
Always good inspiration for new projects.

And now to revist a technique that has always vexed me.
My friend Marianne showed me how to do photo transfers of my art. 

After applying the acrylic caulk to wood and laying the photo image on it and making sure it is on well. Let it dry. Then apply water and slowing start rubbing off the paper.

And another cigar box mixed media piece...
First steps. Printed a photo...
A cigar box mixed media piece...
In February I was part of the Valentines for Aids Fundraiser at the Flying M Coffee House. #17

This was a junk drawer that a friend gave me. I filled it with several small assemblages that I had made, found objects, encaustic pieces, a key holder, a note pad, mirror, bird house, bird nest and bird cage. It symbolizes the dawning of spring and is not only unique but useful. 
This mixed media piece of mine "Hops" will be blown up to a 3' square banner for Alefort at Treefort tomorrow! I will also have 12" x 12" posters available for sale for $20

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Sirin and the Beautiful Beasts

February 6 -11th 2017 I attended The Beautiful Beasts ArtVenture in New Orleans put on by deMeng and Engen. It was not only a workshop but a total art immersion and experience. We were to bring items to create our own fantastical creature that would be part human and part animal. I chose to make a Sirin.
I started with a porcelain doll head and made hair out of two part Apoxie Clay.

A Sirin is a mythological creature of Russian legends, with the head and chest of a beautiful woman and the body of a bird. They were usually portrayed wearing a crown or numbus. Sirins sang beautiful songs. For mortals however the birds were dangerous. Men who heard them would forget everything on earth, follow them, and ultimately die.
As I only had one wing and needed two, I cast made the other one out of two part Apoxie Clay.

I couldn't find any bird feet, so made some out of two part Apoxie Clay and wire.

The body is made from a wooden top to a bannister.

Adding the legs and wings and feathers.

The back.

Some wooden tail feathers adds to it.

Playing with different colors and embellishments.

I think it's done.

The critique on the last day. It's wonderful hearing Michael's input on each piece and getting to see everyone's projects. 

Parades and Costumes


Optional Workshop- Beautiful Beasts Coat of Arms Banner Workshop with Andrea deMeng

My Banner "Knowledge is Power" 

Dinner and tour of MovieSet: Reel Venue

Time to walk around and admire NOLA

New Friends

Wonderful dinner at Brennan's

Swamp AirBoat Tour

The magical water

The Insectarium and bug tastings, yes, I did eat some. gross.

Photography stop at St. Roch Cemetery

Despite the 7 tornados that touched down while we were there, it was a wonderful week! Thank you Michael deMeng and Katherine Engen.