Monday, December 16, 2013

Inspirational Dramatic Skies

 My husband and I recently took a 2 month long road trip, my husband did all the driving so I had lots of time to look at the sky.




New Mexico

New Mexico

New Mexico




And...back home in Idaho while on my bike, I stopped to admire the sky and snap a photo. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Get Hooked

Get Hooked  14" x 17" $175
9X12 original acrylic painting with found objects touting the natural beauty and fabulous fishing in Idaho.

 Now how to finish it off?  At a Thrift Store in Hailey, ID. I found something better than a frame. A shallow wooden something that was just 2" bigger than the piece of art -all the way around.

Here I am playing around with what I will do with it. All the rocks made it kind of heavy. So I decoded to add some paper that looked like weathered wood and just put a few rocks in the corners.

 I glued down the papers and the collaged painting. I set weights on top of the painting to make sure it was attached well and waited 24 hours before pouring 2 part resin around the piece and then placed the rocks into the wet resin.

Get Hooked  14" x 17" $175

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Where to find me and my art...

December is always a busy month. This past 1st Thursday in December I started my artist in residence at the Boise Open Studio Collective Organization (BOSCO) Artist in Residence (AiR) program in BODO. 8th street market place above Cafe Ole and next to the new wine tasting place Bodovino (oh poor me!)
You can find me and my bike related art at the AiR studio in downtown Boise through Jan. 6 
If you are coming down, please message me for hours as they change daily. 

My Christmas ornaments and holiday themed art as well as my alphabet art can be found at 
Green Chutes 4716 W. State Street

My newest retail location is at Red Betty's Hair House
Where you can find all my Mexican themed art.  
2722 Sunset Avenue (corner of 28th st.) in Boise

This Friday from 5-8 pm I will have a piece of art in the TVAA Foray Show at Boise State Radio The show will be up through the New Year. 
Happy Holidays! I hope to see you around. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

247 y La Siesta

La Siesta Mixed Media Collage
Mixed Media Collage
The inspiration for this piece was Frida Kahol's home Casa Azul. Her address was 247 Londres.