Monday, December 9, 2013

Get Hooked

Get Hooked  14" x 17" $175
9X12 original acrylic painting with found objects touting the natural beauty and fabulous fishing in Idaho.

 Now how to finish it off?  At a Thrift Store in Hailey, ID. I found something better than a frame. A shallow wooden something that was just 2" bigger than the piece of art -all the way around.

Here I am playing around with what I will do with it. All the rocks made it kind of heavy. So I decoded to add some paper that looked like weathered wood and just put a few rocks in the corners.

 I glued down the papers and the collaged painting. I set weights on top of the painting to make sure it was attached well and waited 24 hours before pouring 2 part resin around the piece and then placed the rocks into the wet resin.

Get Hooked  14" x 17" $175

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