Friday, April 17, 2015

Boise City Public Art Academy

   A few months ago I was selected to be a part of the third  Boise City Public Art Academy This is a  career training program for Idaho artists completely free of charge. I was encouraged to apply by friend and artist Marianne Konvalinka who previously attended the academy and had lots of good things to say about it.   We met every Wednesday for 3 hours for 8 weeks. Karen Bubb was our fearless leader and did a wonderful job of leading us from week one jitters of "how could I ever do this?" to last nights final presentations and celebration. I learned a lot from this class and made a lot of new art friends. Thanks for the opportunity!

Photoshopped photo of my project on the construction fence. 
There were lots of great projects presented. I proposed a community chalkboard 4 ft. by 16 ft. People could add their drawings or words of what they love about Boise. They can also add to it by bringing items to glue to the edge which would create a frame of found objects. 

Three projects were chosen. Congratulations goes to: 
  1. Candy Canning’s “Le Retour”
  2. Ellen DeAngelis’s “22”
  3. Ray Kane & Kevin Mills “Falling Dominos”
Can't wait to see them!