Saturday, January 26, 2013

Art Blog Directory

 Scroll down on my sidebar and you will see a new icon that says "Art Blog Directory" If you Click on it you will be directed to a long list of active art bloggers, including myself. A thank you goes out to Seth at the Altered Page for putting this together. (I failed to mention in my end of the year wrap up, that one of my highlights of my art year was getting to meet him while in New York City at one of his demo's in Greenwich Village.)

The other person I failed to recognize, a fellow artist and blogger, and on also on this list!- Rebeca Trevino, whom I also was fortunate to be able to meet and hang out with for two days, on the opposite side of the country in Sonoma County,  CA!

A blog takes a lot of work to keep up compared to Facebook and Twitter but really puts you behind the scenes into an artists studio and even more so into their way of thinking and what goes into each piece of art. I think a lot of us were starting to wonder does anyone even read these anymore? But thanks to Seth maybe this will breathe some new life into these blogs and give us a reason to post.

So now, onto my newest project:

Green Chutes the artist co-op that I have been showing my art in since they opened two years ago asked for artists to submit a 12" x 12" piece of art for a special showing.

I took a 12" x 12" stretched canvas, turned it upside down and put joint compound all over it to close up any gaps and hide staples. I then added some gold and yellow acrylic which I applied heavily and embedded small white glass pieces into the paint.
What was I going to do with this frame? Make a place for my piece
I made in Michael DeMengs class from Art Fest to rest.

Next step was to paint the interior, I painted it orange, and then blended red into it. 

After I glued down my guitar playing lizard girl
I poured two part resin over the background.
 Looks like a piece of glass! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Boise Weekly and Much More

I'm so excited after four tries I finally landed the cover of the Boise Weekly this past week!

January has been a busy month and that is good!
  •  I'm working on a A 3' x 4' commission and getting ready for 6 exhibits...
Key to My Heart

 Four pieces in the Tinstallation Show at the Art Source Gallery. (Altoid Tin Art)
Chinese Cabinet
A piece in the 20th annual Valentines for Aids Silent Art Auction coming up at the Flying M coffeehouse in Boise. 

Boise Open Studio Collective (BOSCO) show at Boise State University SUB- Feb. 28- Opening reception "Opening Doors, A Glimpse into the Artists Mind" 
Treasure Valley Artist Alliance Show- "What The World Needs Now"- Feb. 14, 2013 Exhibition Opening Reception, 5 pm - 8 pm Boise State Public Radio 
Souvenirs de Paris
Gypsy Gallery - C.W. Moore Art at the Plaza Exhibit January 29-March 2013

Green Chutes "Art By The Square Foot" Exhibit Opening February 28

Monday, January 7, 2013

Beer, Babes and Bikes

Finding the parts

adding more
final steps were "antiquing" the pieces, gluing them down and pouring resin on top. 
I had a really fun project this past month. A woman contacted me that had seen my work around town and wondered if I would do a personalized custom piece for her to give to her boyfriend for Christmas. She told me all the things she could think of that characterized him in the way she knew him. During this process I figured out that I knew who he was. (Not a close friend but had met him a few times) She was going to gather ticket stubs etc and give them to me (this was before Thanksgiving) When I had not heard from her by the time I got back from NY, I decided to contact her and yes, she still wanted me to make the piece but no, she had not collected anything. No problem... I went shopping in my studio and came up with all the pieces, then had her come approve before anything was glued down. She loved it! The only thing she wanted me to add was a squirrel. (Which I happend to have!) I did have to sacrifice an earring for one of the items she requested-Tinkerbell.  So after it was all approved, I glued and painted and then poured resin over everything. We both loved the way it turned out! Now to find out if he did!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Out with the Old in with the New

"Scene 2" mixed media 4" x 5"
  I had one art goal for this year and that was to get my art published. I had submitted three pieces of art to a magazine back in February. They still have the art and the return money, and I haven't heard a word...mmm, maybe I better check on that. But just before the clock struck 12 I got a call that my art will be on the cover of the Boise Weekly sometime this month! So even though it's now "next year" I'll let it count.

The big art things for me this year were attending Art Fest in Port Townsend, WA. Teaching painting at the Wine and Chocolate Festival in Texas, participating in and being named a semi-finalist in RAW. Acceptance in and attending the World Bicycle Relief Event in New York City. 

I have greatly enjoyed our weekly studio sessions at "Studio M" It's great hanging out and creating with other artists. Sharing ideas, getting feedback etc. Thank you Marianne.

On a personal level my bigest accomplishment this year was entering my first two mountain bike races and qualifying for nationals!

So, now the next question...What's on the plate for 2013?

I am working on a big bicycle commission and see more "bike art" in my future.

I  also plan to start teaching from my home studio. First workshop tentative date is January 31 time TBA. $50, 2 hours collage/assemblage project.

While I don't have a new goal for this year, yet. I did write a recipe for myself:

Every Day:
enjoy nature
eat sensibly
do something creative
spend time with a loved one