Monday, January 7, 2013

Beer, Babes and Bikes

Finding the parts

adding more
final steps were "antiquing" the pieces, gluing them down and pouring resin on top. 
I had a really fun project this past month. A woman contacted me that had seen my work around town and wondered if I would do a personalized custom piece for her to give to her boyfriend for Christmas. She told me all the things she could think of that characterized him in the way she knew him. During this process I figured out that I knew who he was. (Not a close friend but had met him a few times) She was going to gather ticket stubs etc and give them to me (this was before Thanksgiving) When I had not heard from her by the time I got back from NY, I decided to contact her and yes, she still wanted me to make the piece but no, she had not collected anything. No problem... I went shopping in my studio and came up with all the pieces, then had her come approve before anything was glued down. She loved it! The only thing she wanted me to add was a squirrel. (Which I happend to have!) I did have to sacrifice an earring for one of the items she requested-Tinkerbell.  So after it was all approved, I glued and painted and then poured resin over everything. We both loved the way it turned out! Now to find out if he did!

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Wade Quick said...

Always good to have an extra squirrel