Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hudson Valley Art- New York State

Dia: Beacon, one of the largest contemporary art museums in the world at 240,000 sq. feet. The works were monumental. It is not that the artwork housed in the museum particularly fascinated me, but the setting and the whole gestalt of the place, did. VERY LARGE works of art in VERY LARGE rooms, the museum was once a factory, now it is a Zen like experience. One of the installations was indeed, once again Donald Judd...I feel as if I am following him posthumously across the United States, first in West Texas at the Chinati Foundation, then in Saint Louis at the Laumier Sculpture Gardens and now here on the East Coast... an artist I don't remember ever hearing of before this trip but empty cubes, of concrete, steel and plywood continue to lead me on my travels.I called the R&F hand made Encaustic Paint factory in Kingston and got a private tour of their facility and gallery. It was amazing. I can't wait to get home and do some experimenting. I asked if I could take a picture inside of the guy milling the paint but they said no.

It has been fun driving through the artsy towns of Woodstock, New Paltz, Kingston, Cornwall, Beacon and Cold Spring along the Hudson river. Lots of little co-op galleries and antique stores.

In Hyde Park we got a tour of the Culinary Institute of America and ate in one of their lovely restaurants. Then took a 6 mile walk to walk off all those calories. We went from FDR's home and library to the Vanderbilt mansion and back. It was a lovely walk through the forest.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Art and Food adventure in St. Louis

We are in St. Louis for my nephew Adam's wedding, we had beautiful weather in a gorgeous back yard.

The groom and guests jam after the service.

The above storefront looked intriguing - it was locked but had a small sign in the window that said recycle, re-purpose, re-use. Will have to try to come back another time.

A trip to St. Louis is never complete without a trip up to THE HILL. A 50 square block Italian neighborhood in South St. Louis. Known for its restaurants, specialty groceries, bakeries and tiny shotgun houses. It reminds me of some of the neighborhoods in NJ when I was a little girl. We ate a wonderful Italian (of course) meal at Zia's with Bill's sister, Doris and her husband Peter.

My niece Erica and her dog Buster brought us to this great park, the Laumier Sculpture Park. This was an interesting piece, it was created by Arman who is best know for destruction/re composition of objects.

What a coincidence I had never heard of Donald Judd before visiting the Chinati foundation in West Texas and then here at the sculpture garden...what did I see again but his iconic minimalist concrete open box forms.

Taking a break from the heat.

Recycled/repurposed art by Donald Lipski.
All of my "Every Little Thing" recycled art projects that I have ever made could fit into one of these balls!

Also had a wonderful day visiting with my friend of 29 years Mary Anne, who was my roommate in Tulsa right after college. She picked me up and we visited RED LEAD a cool little "altered art" store. Hanging in their window were Artist Trading Cards, some of which were the same one's (artists) that I had traded with in Portland Oregon at Art & Soul,
once again it reminds me of what a small world it is.

Then it was onto Cherokee Antique Row. Most of the shops were closed but it was still fun.
To complete the day we had to eat at another iconic location in St. Louis:
the haunted Lemp Mansion,
were we reminisced while dining on some wonderful salads.