Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Artist Journals and My Travel Art Kit

Art Journals

I didn't realize quite how many art books I had made over the years, until my friend Vicky asked if she could come see some of them yesterday. They range from travel journals with collages of tickets stubs etc. to sketching journals to altered hard cover books, to sculptural books with hand made covers. 

This then got me thinking about my upcoming backpacking/snowshoe trip to a yurt up in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho and how I would have a couple of days to work on some art while the others were off back country skiing in avalanche country. 

Travel Art Kit

So here is my travel art kit. It all fits in this 5" x 7 "pouch and all of it weighs 1 lb. Cause if you gotta carry it on your back you better think about taking just the necessities. Included is a small watercolor set with brush, pencil, sponge, eraser. A tube of white gouache, a small set of colored pencils with sharpener, a small set of crayons, a small set of markers, folding scissors, a glue stick a sketchbook and a watercolor tablet.


Makavetis said...

Hey great blog! I noticed you liked art and oping maybe you like my new art blog as well! I post famous works daily by the best artists!


Diane said...

I Love this! And I would love to look through those books.

John Briner said...

What a nice blog you have here. It would have been way better if you posted some of your finished works for readers to see. Keep on painting and posting!

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks All. John, if you go to the March 17th Entry "Art in the Mountains" you will see the finished paintings I did with my little kit.

G. Merett said...

What a great travel kit. I have that palette of paints too. Besides loving the convenience, they are really good watercolors too.
Neat blog Pam. Nice meeting you!!

Jo Murray said...

Great kit!...and your stash of books is AWESOME!