Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Find the Fish amongst the Flora, Fauna and Flamingo's in Finest Florida

Find the Fish amongst the Flora and Fauna and Flamingo's in Finest Florida
4" x 4" collage/assemblage on canvas

 Ok, so this title might just be a little over the top, but I had kind of gotten away from the roots of this blog and my assemblages that were all based on a letter of the alphabet. They all had alliteration names, meaning two words that started with the same letter, Art Angels, Budda's Best, Curious Cats, Dream Destination, Elephants Excursion, Fascinating Frieda, Global Garden, Horse Haven, Itinerary: Idaho, Jubilant Joy, Kinky Keys, Ladybug Love, Maria Milagrosa, Natty Nutcracker, Obama Optimism, Peaceful Pastures, Quip Quote, Red Roses, Sweet Shop, Trumpeting Trolls, Vast View, Winning Wine, Yellow Yes, and Zany Zoo.

I had done one for every letter of the alphabet and then some and kind of got, shall we say tired of it. Until this piece.

When you open the little drawer in the center you find the fish! This piece is based on the mystery of Florida in the 60's.

My grandfather used to go down there every winter from NJ. and always brought me back a kitchy and often non politically correct gift. As you can see I have saved some of them:

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Jenny and Jimbob said...

Stumbled upon your site-- looove the Flamingo piece!!