Sunday, March 27, 2011

Three New Chunkies

The start of 6 new pieces, I gather my littles bits and pieces and see what kind of themes I can come up with.

I gathered my items for each piece in a bag and then carted them over to Marianne's studio last Tuesday. Then I start adding paint and collage to fit the theme and color scheme. Later in the week looked through some old books that were given to me with out their covers and I cut out parts of sentences that will work for the title and hint at a story line for the piece.  I finish them with a coat of Heavy Gel. 
Face the Music
    4" x  4"
collage/assemblage on canvas

...And Smelled of Hay
4" x 4" 
collage/assemblage on canvas

The Old Red Truck

4" x 4" 
collage/assemblage on canvas

How did I start with 6 and wind up with 3. Well I finished Carbaholic last week and already posted it. And am still working on the last 2 which might be butterflies and flamingos.


Diane said...

Great pieces!--love your process.

rebeca trevino said...

these are terrific!
i love the whole series.

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks Diane and Rebeca my two loyal commenters!