Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Far From Average

Far From Average
19" h x 10" w x 4'" d
Found Object Assemblage

This piece started with the wooden ball I was given. I thought it would make a great head. Then the embroidery hoop caught my attention and the thought of creating a saint like person was born. I needed a purpose or theme for this project.

I thumbed through the book In Celebration of Women, given to my by my good friend Mary Hernandez whom I taught with in Dallas for 10 years when I left to pursue my masters degree. I found the quote " Each woman is far from average in the daily heroics of her life, even though she may never receive a moment's recognition in history. " introduction to "Women & Work", Newsage Press

I liked that quote and thought I might tie that in somehow. I then left for my Docent meeting at the Boise Art Museum and Bob happens to mention did we remember that March is Women's History Month. This years theme is Our History Is Our Strength.  Stories of women's achievements, which tied into my masters ThesisThe influence of a female high school art educator on the careers of her students.

So now my piece had a meaning! Celebrating women's achievements!

Nothing was bought specifically for this piece. It is made entirely of items that were cast off, previously used for another purpose. The outer halo is an embroidery hoop, the next circle was a tin and cardboard container given to me by a friend, I put gold leaf on it and glued gold buttons and baubles with E6000 glue. The upper body is a bagel holder/slicer thingy that didn't work so well for what it was made for and the lower body is a piece of discarded lumber. The mirror is attached to the front for you to reflect on your own life, who knows...you may just find out you are far from average too!


marianne said...

love this piece- nice job-

Diane said...

This is such a wonderful assemblage--LOVE it!!!

Pam McKnight said...

thanks Marianne and Diane, I was not happy with the photo I took with my phone and just uploaded a much better photo, I think I will enter this in the Art Source Show.