Sunday, March 20, 2011

Windy Windy Sunday

The first day of spring! The wind woke me up this morning- thought it was going to tear the roof off our patio! I sit here typing watching the pine trees across the street look as though they are dancing to a frenzied jazz piece.

This past week I received my third check from art sales for the Month of Feb. A good start to the year.

Listen To The Whispers

Ode to Charles Wilson Peale
Cabinet of Curiosities
I also received notification that two of my pieces (pictured above) were accepted for the "We Art Women" extended 2 month show at the Visual Arts collective aka the VAC. Thursday April 14th 5-10. Opening Gala.

I applied for Art in The Park, a fundraiser for the Boise Art Museum. It's a big national Art Fair held at the park next to the Museum.

This coming weekend March 26th is the Grand opening of Green Chutes, I volunteered to host an ATC trading card booth.

Today, as a member of BOSCO, I have been invited to the studio of artist John Kilmaster. Should be a fun afternoon.

And last but not least I started on several new pieces of art, but I'll save that for the next blog.


rebeca trevino said...

congrats on ALL counts!

the Cabinet of Curiosities" is a stunning piece. on close inspection it looks like the leaf is quite fragile . . .is it supported on something? (can't tell from the photo) also, what is inside the small glass domes lining the bottom of the box?

great piece.

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks Rebeca. yes, the leaf is quite fragile, it is a skeleton leaf I found in Eugene Oregon. It just rests on the postcard. The little domes all contain things I found or someone gave me. A bee, a scorpion, fossilized amber,pinecone,wood,mica,leaf.