Wednesday, October 20, 2010

McBird House

McBird House
Found Object Assemblage
I am typing this blog while sitting on the new handmade bench we won at a raffle last weekend. The weather is absolutely beautiful, tons of birds chattering in the multicolored, maroon, yellow, yellow- green, green. It's the perfect temperature in the 70's- sunny and no wind. I hear the cold and rain is on it's way, so I will enjoy it while I can.

The assemblage above has been "percolating" for a while as I gather items. Last night was studio night at Marianne's so it was the perfect opportunity to put the piece together. Nancy, Marianne and I, three dogs and Margie all got to visit and have fun while creating art and drinking wine together.

The base was purchased in an old barn near my cousin's in New York State. I highlighted the base with interference red paint.

The next piece up is a spool that someone gave me. I gessoed it, and then collaged over that and added paint and glass beads. Next is the bird house itself that I found at a thrift store in TX. I antiqued it with paint and added a tree branch, bird and some greenery. I attached these pieces with 2 part apoxy clay and then painted the clay.

I took this piece to an Antique store today that also sells some found object art, thinking that this would be something she would be interested in. Her response upon seeing it, "Oh, it's crafts, no thank you." No it's not -but I was polite and with a smile said, "you have a very nice store, thank you" and left. :)


marianne said...

it looks great- nice job! (and boo hiss to the shop owner). love those tuesday nights-

Laura said...

i agree, boo hiss- your work is lovely. i just came over from michael's blog and saw what you said about the shop owner and just had to say hi. keep making your beautiful ART!

Anonymous said...

I just love this mcbird house its so cool,, I'm yournewest follower ,, just have to come back,, my eyes are crossing from reading all your posts