Sunday, October 10, 2010

Boise Open Studios and some new work...

This weekend was the open studios event in Boise were artists open their studios and a map is published and people can just go around and see artists making art in their natural habitat. Marianne (click on her name to see her take on the weekend) showed her work at my house since her studio isn't finished and we invited Nancy to come make art with us while we hung out for 6 hours yesterday and today. The piece above was one I finished by making a collage for the frame, prior to that I had a couple cut out of a J. Crew Catalog in the frame, this looks much better.

Another piece I completed..."Dia De Los Muertos Cake Topper" made out of a piece of german porcelain with a headless woman (featured in a former blog post) that I gave a gold skeleton head with a hat on top of an old light fixture bought at an antique store in NY state. Various stories circulated as to why the woman was a skeleton, but not the man...such as that the woman knew what she was in for by getting married.

Picture of my studio. The print box on the floor by the printer was brought to me by a woman that came by and saw what I did and then came back by and dropped it off for me to have!

Marianne's mixed media art

Marianne adding more gel medium.

Another piece I finished based on a month I spent in Greece back in 1984 with another Marianne.

A piece I made for Halloween titled "Contemplation"

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marianne said...

thanks again for a great weekend! appreciate the hospitality- and we did have fun!