Saturday, January 22, 2011

Encaustics...oh yeah....!!

Eve-Marie, teacher: demonstrating covering the substrate with encaustic gesso.

As an art teacher I have had a chance to dabble in a lot of different media. One that I have not gotten to try but have been wanting to is Encaustics. Last June I wrote a blog entry about visiting an Encaustic Paint Factory in New York State and Marianne commented that she wished I could have taken the workshop with she and Kristy that same weekend in Boise.
Well small world, turns out that Eve-Marie who taught that workshop and the one I am taking this weekend worked for them for 10 years!

Denise mixing medium with the wax colors on the hot plate,
with samples of my work in the foreground.

Another serendipitous moment was finding out one of my new friends from the Women's Hiking Network, Denise whom I spent a week with in Death Valley was my classmate. This class was taught in Sue Latta's Sculpture studio, were I took a class from Sue a couple months ago. One of the same ladies that was in that class is in this one too.

Some of the yummy wax colors!!

So now I am all excited about this new medium and how to incorporate it in my work. I am pulling Every Little Thing together to bring to class tomorrow. What a cool day today was and I have another one tomorrow to look forward to!! Before and after pictures to come....


Jonna said...

There was an encaustic class in Boise this weekend? how does one find out about these things? I have wanted to take an encaustic's class forever.....:(

marianne said...

the concert was great- we missed you! but i know you're lving the class- look forward to seeing the end result-

rebeca trevino said...

What FUN!

Diane said...

I hope you take lots of pics--this sounds like a fun workshop!