Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Co-Op Gallery in Town

Well today I got juried into the new Co-op gallery in town, Green Chutes. Earlier this week my husband and I went by to check it out, we were impressed with the space- it has a hip big city "loft" feel to it. We also had a really good lunch at the cafe housed in the same building. I took home an application. After discussing it, I decided to go for it and spent the last two days updating my resume and biography and getting samples ready. Today I met with the owner who said I had been accepted. I spent the day filling out more forms, and picked out all the pieces I wanted to put in the gallery, priced them and made up an inventory list. Rent is $60 a month and I need to work one 8 hour shift a month. Next is getting my info. in for their website. I'm excited, hope this turns out to be a good adventure!

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rebeca trevino said...

that's terrific! congratulations! i recently became a resident artist at a local gallery as well. it is very exciting. i have worked a couple of shifts in the gallery, and i have found that i love meeting the customers . . . they love art . . . they love talking about art and they love meeting the artists who do the work. you will have a wonderful adventure. take the time to enjoy every bit of it!
congrats again!