Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy Tuesday

At the market on Saturday I had someone ask me, just how do you stay organized with all that small stuff??? and someone else said, boy, I would love to see your studio...as in it must be quite the mess. Well it is a constant struggle to keep things organized. I don't buy much as that is my current philosophy... the only problem is my stuff seems to multiply like rabbits! as word gets out about what I am doing people are always giving me bags and boxes of things they no longer have a use for. By no means am I complaining...it is great and thank you all!! but it does take some organization. The picture above shows a baggie for every letter of the alphabet and I am sorting game pieces into the bags according to their letter so I can find them when I need them.


I started this blog with a letter theme and have just started over again with the alphabet...here is the start of A and B. Apples and Birds.

After working in the studio for a few hours I went to the Treasure Valley Artists' Alliance board meeting. It is so exciting being on the board of a brand new organization...we are currently working on our 5013c non-profit application.

After the board meeting there were still a few hours of daylight and I was able to join Nancy and Marrianne in the studio for our Tuesday night gathering.

 At the studio I worked on decorating the flower pot for one of my pieces and grunging up some letters.  Thanks Marianne.


Diane said...

I am in awe of your organizational skills--such an excellent way to keep going with an art project when you want that one item and you know exactly where it is--I'm just the opposite,but I'm getting a little better. LOVE your assemblages!

rebeca trevino said...

Pam - you are being called to reply by Diane Lou . . . i think you won something fun . . .