Friday, June 3, 2011

A, of the ABC's...again

Found Object Assemblage 12" tall $50
 From top down- a large letter A on top of a drawer with 3 apples in it and 2 beads and 2 embellished game piece a's on top. next is an encaustic painting of an apple on top of a wood base with 2 more embellished game piece a's.  

This is showing one of the previous incarnations of this project, I usually have a few pieces sitting around unfinished for quite some time until the exact way I want to put them together comes to me. Other times I get an idea and finish it that night. This is one that was 6 months in the waiting.

The title of this post is because as some of you know I have done a piece for every letter of the alphabet and now I am starting over again, just for the fun of it. My complete name is:
The ABC's of Every Little Thing
One of my long term goals is to make a book of my projects with this title. The problem is I have sold quite of few of the pieces and some of the photos I have of them are less than stellar. :(

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