Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saint Sustainability

Saint Sustainability: Patron Saint of Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle 

This 8" x 10" found object assemblage is made up almost entirely of found objects re-purposed specifically to create a new piece of art  to be enjoyed by others and fits the theme of my current passion: Create More, Consume Less.  

Items used include an old dilapidated frame that was given to me that was covered in spider eggs. I cleaned it up, stained it and varnished it. The canvas used for the background was the only thing that was new, I covered it in gold leaf and then added red acrylic and red alcohol ink. The red halo is a glass piece that I was given to me from a "free box" at my mom's Senior Center Thrift Store. The head is a old doorknob. The gold wings came from the Re:Boutique. The breast plate is an odd earring that was given to me for my art and the wings and body found scraps of wood.

Two years ago while attending Art and Soul in Portland, my friend Nancy and I took the train out to the Re:Boutique a school and community action project. Create More, Consume Less was their slogan. It was like a giant ongoing garage sale for artist types.  Another one I have visited that is doing well is MECCA (Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts) in Eugene Oregon.

The Reuse Market here in Boise has been looking for space for the same type of project, currently all their donations are in storage. I have been trying to help them find space but no luck yet...if you know of something please let us know! I would love to see Idaho have a place for people to exchange and share items that could be used for schools and artists instead of going into the landfill!


Patti said...

Wonderful piece, Pam!

Diane said...

My favorite part of this assemblage is that it's all repurposed items--I love how you can look at things and "see" what they can become--beautiful!