Sunday, May 22, 2011

Resin Casting

Yesterday, my friend Marianne and I attended Resin Casting at the Scupture Studio in Garden City. 
She is so fast, while I am still thinking about what to say she finished her blog last night.
The photo above shows the set up of the mother mold which will be used to pour the silicone rubber that will become our resin mold.

The sides are sealed with clay to prevent leakage. 
We let the silicone rubber cure while we had lunch, about 70 minutes....

Then you remove the sides and pull out the flexible mold. You can see the bottom of the little objects that I poured the rubber over. I pulled my objects out and then poured the 2 part resin in the openings. We added color and glitter and had fun playing with the different color combinations. The resin needs to cure for about 10 minutes.

Some of my fun little resin pieces.

At the end of class we talked Sue into revealing some of her "secrets."
Fun was had by all.

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