Sunday, May 8, 2011

Those Crafty Clowns

 Last week I started Crafty Clowns at Marianne's studioI painted over a canvas found at a thrift store with gesso, I then added an ATC that I had already made with a clown theme. I cut out the words from a story that said ...Carnival we've all heard so much...By that time you'll be in an institution... also: perform and "ham it up" like a circus clown. Upper left hand corner is a clown sticker, on top is a porcelain clown from Rose's Tea. Hanging off the side is a wooden part from a baby mobile from the '60's It looks like a clown baby with a tail. 

Crafty Clowns 6"x6" found object Assemblage
When I got home... I added more collage elements, tissue paper and paint. 
As well as an old earring and some beads...enjoy.

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