Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I love Studio Night at Marianne's

 Tonight Nancy picked me up at 6:30 and we went over to Marianne's to make some art and visit with our friends and drink some wine.  Lynn and Jennifer also came. Lynn was working on a clay horse head and Jennifer was sketching out a watercolor painting. Marianne was working on some mixed media and Nancy made a necklace.  I started my piece on clowns above.
and I started this journal... I made the cover from found objects collected in Mexico. On the first page of the journal I listed all the places my art can be seen this week. 
  1. Visual Arts Collective- We Art Women 2 month show. 
  2. Boise State Radio Offices- Treasure Valley Artist Alliance FORAY show
  3. Green Chutes  ( Meet & Greet on Sat. from 4-7)
  4. Twigs and Twist
  5. Modern Art @ the Modern Hotel This Thurs. from 5-9 room 227 
  6. C.W. Moore Bldg. wall in front of the elevators (next 6 months)
  7. Gift Shop at the Boise Art Museum
Thanks for having us Marianne and thanks for picking me up Nancy. See you next week!


marianne said...

i love studio night too! i'm so glad you guys like to come over.
it's exciting to see the list of here your art is being shown- congrats! here's hoping for sale$

Refinerii said...

wow; you have a lot of work out there!! Your studio nights sound like so much fun :)