Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Buried Treasure

Seth Apter of the Altered Page hosts many projects that bring the mixed media community together. The latest called Treasure Time where, (so far) over 79 artists are participating by reposting their favorite blog posts of all time. 

I went into my "stats" and found my two most popular which both have over 800 views each:


I have written 343 posts. This one only had 36 views but was the one I was most excited about and it was on this trip I was able to meet Seth in person while I was in NYC! Please click below to view:


Thanks Seth!

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Chris / CS Designs said...

Pam, Just popped in from Seth's Buried Treasure project and just want to say thank you for the fantastic treasures you have shared. My favorites were your travel kit idea and your beautiful mosaic table. I also enjoyed peeing around the rest of your blog and have become a follower through both Google and Bloglovin'.
:) Chris / CS Designs