Monday, June 10, 2013

Learning to See

This past Saturday I took one of Lisa Cheney's drawing workshops. She is a very accomplished local visual journalist.  She has taught at Art Fest, Journal Fest, Art Unraveled etc. and has been published in quite a few books and magazines. It was quite a treat not to have to travel to attend one of her classes.


 Lisa starts out the class with several exercises to make everyone feel comfortable.  

 It was also fun that several of my artist friends were in the class. Zella, a metals artist joked that it would be easier if we could draw with a blow torch.
Lynn, who creates life like equine sculptures and
Marianne , Queen Gypsy, Mixed Media and Photography
Marianne's drawing of Zella's squid.

My drawing-practicing contour drawing and crosshatching

mine-adding watercolor to the line drawings

At the end of the class we switched to pencil and worked with values

 It was a fun class and I was glad not to be the teacher for once.

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