Friday, June 7, 2013


 There is nothing like selling a couple pieces of art to get motivated to make some more. I sold 2 canvases to a woman from out of state who had bought a piece from me that she saw at the Boise Art Museum and then wanted a couple of companion pieces. I am a prolific artist. Once I get going, I can just whip them out...the problem is my house is overflowing...maybe I'm not as good at marketing as I am at producing...hmmm...I think most artists are in that boat!

 Here is the start of Bambi. All my art is made from things I already have or got second hand except for paint and mediums. I had this plaque that was just unstained wood which I gessoed and then stenciled over a plastic doily that was my grandmothers.  The stand is made from a wooden diamond and a bracket that I nailed and glued.

A few years ago I had seen stuffed animal heads attached to these boards as take on taxidermy animals, that was white I had intended to do but then spotted this little guy in my stash and decided to use Bambi.
 I also found this antique bead/button when I was sweeping under a bookcase and decided to include it too.
Bambi 5 "x 7 " $45
The finished piece has a 70's kitschy sort of feeling. Finishing touches are dark brown and white detailing around the edges, a gloss polymer coating and a sawtooth hanger.

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Rebeca Trevino said...

very sweet piece!
Bambi! ha! ha! makes me smile.