Friday, June 14, 2013

Bike Boise

 Here I am in the midst of a lot of ideas going on at once. This post will focus on the one in the middle. The substrate for this piece is a used stretched canvas that I picked up at a reuse store in Santa Barbara. I covered the whole back of the canvas in joint compound. I like using this as it is absorbant and really soaks in the watered down acrylic's very well.

 The focus in the center is an encaustic transfer I made on a piece of wood in Karen Bubb's encaustic workshop a couple months ago.  I keep a sandwich bag file for every letter of the alphabet so hunting for the correct letters is not too much of a time suck. I used stickers, cut out letters, wood letters, a clothing tag and game pieces.

Bike Boise, 8 x 10 $75
Finished piece with painted dots and green added to frame to bring out the green in the encaustic piece.


Rebeca Trevino said...

very kool!
love the re-use of materials, and the joint compound.
the finished piece is great!

bobbie said...

Hi! I've just discovered your blog... and I love it!

Waving at you from Eagle!!

Chris / CS Designs said...

Pam, Love your canvas and the letter storage and joint compound are such a great idea.
:) Chris / CS Designs

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks Rebeca, Bobbie and Chris!