Monday, July 25, 2011

Ultra light Backpacking Art Kit

I just returned from a 5 night 40.5 mile backpack trip that included three mountain passes, one over 11,000 feet. We traversed snowfields and boulder fields all while wearing a backpack.  It was a physically challenging trip but even more mentally punching through snow that is covering boulders can be quite scary. But there were way more positives such as the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen and the great group of friends that we went with.

Elk jaw and Mountain Goat wool found on hike for future assemblage project

I have a travel art kit that I have shown here in a previous post that weights 1 pound but I was trying to cut even more weight and got it down to 5 ounces.


It includes a very mini sketch pad which is 1 1/4" x 2 1/2" This was one of the items I bought at the Japanese store in Berkley, CA. On the back of each sketch I have included the date and location.

mini sketch pad which still needs a clever cover, but this is so you can see what it is ...

I have also included in the kit a set of mini colored pencils, mini crayons and mini markers.

One of my Treasure Valley Artist Alliance Friends, Leslie came along on the trip, it was her idea to bring art supplies and we sketched together in the evenings after setting up camp. She even had the idea of putting our hiking poles together to spell out TVAA at a scenic 10,000 ft. alpine lake. The pictures are on Leslie's camera, so I will show those later. It was really quite fun.

mini sketch of Baptie Lake, ID still with snow on July 22, 2011

Our Black Diamond 2 person tent set among the rocks and pine trees at 10,000 ft.

Scene from Upper Box Lake, ID

Pine tree growing among the rocks. Pioneer Mountains, ID.


peggy gatto said...

Just so perfect, great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

what an exciying adventure,, love the sketch book and the sketches are beautiful

marianne said...

i bet it was an amazing trip. i can't even fathom the tiny art kit......i'm going to have nightmares where my art supplies are limited to what i can carry on my back! :)

Ricë said...

This is really, really cool! It sounds like a great adventure, and I love that you figured out how to take an art kit that didn't weigh you down.

An Artaholic @ said...

I love the idea of your mini art kit. I am going to make me a mini journal for myself! Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

Jude Ongley-Mowris said...

What fabulous tiny, tiny treasures you have created! I love them! I am seriously considering challenging myself to work small; can I do it? Yeah, a REAL challenge! But I will try!

Pam McKnight said...

thanks all! Here's my challenge to you- create your own small art kit, and post it online, showing what is in it!