Friday, July 8, 2011

Ex Libris

 This last week has been fun but busy for me with family visiting. I didn't get to studio night at MK's but I did clean my studio for company and created a new piece.

Ex Libris is a 8" x 11" 3D collage on a chalkboard. The miniature table is from my dollhouse furniture collection from 40 years ago. On it I glued a miniature bible and miniature pair of glasses. The Geography book is actually a wooden book and I collaged a cover for it, the other bits are cut from old books that were given to me without covers.

 On the Fourth of July Nancy and I rode our bikes down to the chalk festival and voted on our favorites and visited with one of the Featured Artists, Geoff. He had been working on his large chalk mural since 8 am and it was a hot day! Sorry for the small picture, it was taken with my phone.

Last night was First Thursday. After the storm passed over and cooled things off, it was a perfect night for strolling the town. An added benefit was my daughter was in town and I got to show her around. She and her boyfriend Cody are looking for a place to settle down. Boise had not been on their list but after last night, they decided they could definitely live here! They heard a live concert for free at Liquid and met a bunch of cool people. They said the people here in Boise are the friendliest they have met anywhere. They got a slice of macaroni and cheese pizza at the Pie Hole.

We stopped at many galleries and venues showing art including the AIR artists in BODO, The Art Source Gallery for the Juried Show Opening where  I found out I sold a piece to the Juror, (shown above) so that was pretty exciting,  and had an all around excellent evening.

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Michael Chambers said...

Boise is full of friendly people. It's something of a miracle. I've got my fingers crossed for you, Pam!