Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Mountain Biking Vacation

Art of the Brush Workshop at the Boise Museum
 My workshop at the museum a few weeks ago went well. I had 10 participants. We toured the galleries and then went back to create quite the plethora of calligraphy and sumi-e paintings.

Drove through, Nevada, Utah and Arizona
Immediately following the workshop my husband picked me up from the museum with the truck and trailer in tow and we left  for 2 weeks out on the road in our little T@B trailer with the mountain bikes.  We had a wonderful time. 
trying our new awning out for the first time

In Arizona I raced my first mountain bike race at age 52! and didn't do so bad. I came in 59 out of 105 including men and all ages. It was a 19.1 mile course, which included technical singletrack and 3000 feet of climbing!

The Whiskey Off Road
Time for gallery hopping in Jerome, AZ
and then off to Utah for some slick rock riding....

Road Runner territory

and in Nevada a local showed us a sweet single-track out of an old cowboy camp...

We rode five miles and 2000 feet up to the snow line. The descent was much more fun! 

...where I picked up a bunch of nicely weathered metal. 

When I arrived home my daughter left me a surprise in the studio....a small cabinet door that her roommate thought I could put to good use!

 This week on the art agenda.  On Monday I am hosting the TVAA board meeting at my house and I have a docent meeting at the museum Monday morning- the Nick Cave preview!  I am also getting ready for RAW, coming up the following week. 


marianne said...

looks like a great trip! can't wait to hear about it- hope to see you soon-

MadBirdDesignsUK said...

Yay Pam well done!! Am in awe of your biking skills. X J

Wade Quick said...

Great pictures, very creative collection of potential art….

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks all, I also wanted to add a link to Wades blog post on the Whiskey: