Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ideas on Ideas

Myself as well as 2 other local assemblage artists, Belinda and Cyndy gathered in the art classroom of Jerry Hendershot at Timberline High School Wednesday morning to discuss our methods and hopefully inspire the students to branch out in 3D media other than clay. Even though all three of us do basically the same thing (collect and put old stuff together into art) we each had a very different approach and feel to our methods and their results.

The students noticed that Belinda's all seemed to be in boxes, that Cyndy's were all characters and that mine were hard to put in a category.

The talk I gave was on how I get my ideas. I told them that:
  1. Number one I was inspired by the items themselves, and then secondary to that my art was informed by the culture I live in and am exposed to:
  2. Books
  3. Movies
  4. The news and commercials
  5. Viewing other art shows
  6. Traveling
  7. Music
I brought examples of art to show for each.

Cyndy and Belinda brought a couple items each and did a digital slide show. I was very impressed by their work.

Afterwards Jerry  passed out boxes of items he had collected over the years and purchased at the youth ranch bins. The 3 of us also brought stuff for the students to use. The students were all very interested and dove right into the project of making their own. We had to leave but hope to be back to see their work in progress and hear their final presentations.

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