Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boise Bike and 5 things to get ready for!

Boise Bike
6" X 8"

This piece was done by starting with a collage. I then melted wax over it. Most of the 3D objects are actually found objects collected while hiking or biking.

My husband was cleaning out one of his backpacks the other day and started pulling out bits of metal and discarded items that I had forgotten about in a pocket, and he was like, what the??? and I said oh! wait... don't throw those away, they are mine. His response, I should have known.

What's next, well after unpacking everything from the Gypsy Show in December and the end of 4Q Gallery this past week. I was thinking to myself that I needed to get my art back out there for the new year. Well within a week. I have 5 events/projects to work towards!

There is a new all ages art/ music club looking for consignments. I sent an example of my work and have an appointment on Wed. to possibly consign with ColorCube.

I received my coveted invitation to create a piece for Valentine for Aids. I was on the waiting list for 2 years.

During First Thursday I stopped by Atomic Treasures and visited with Cindy, the owner and she invited me to be the guest artist for the First Thursday in February. The store motto is Repurpose/Reuse/Reinvent. Just up my alley!

Amy over at Wingtip Press is doing a printmaking swap called Leftovers. She is looking to get 100 artists signed up, so I signed up. If you have an interest -click on the link.

And last but not least Marianne, Queen Gypsy has found a cool venue for The Gypsy Gallery for the month of March with an opening reception on First Thursday.

See you around!


peggy gatto said...

I just love this fun piece!

rebeca trevino said...

that happens to me all the time, i find things in my pockets that i found on a hike or a bike ride or some where else. what a fun piece you made.

thanks for stopping by by blog, and for your kind comments.