Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Playing in the Studio

This piece was started with a box with a hinged lid that I bought at a thrift store along with a picture frame. I told the lady I didn't want a bag. ( I usually bring my own or just carry the item without a bag) Well I promptly dropped the box on the floor and it broke, she just looked at me as I said a not nice word. I picked it up and walked out and thought to myself ... well you can't just throw it away, so I glued it back together and then collaged it with tissue paper.

I have been saving used tea bags to use in a project. I saw some stacked in an art piece in a gallery about a year ago and then I saw them used again in the winning piece in the We Art Women Show last year and really liked the look. When I saw how well they fit, I knew what I would use the box for. I had a copper kettle to balance out the piece along with some scrabble pieces that spell out TEA.

Texas/Old West Collection

One of the top New Years Resolutions every year are organizing and cleaning. Today as I was doing just that...dusting my shelves, moving items around, unpacking from my last two showings and making room to make more art. It dawned on me that I was playing just like I used to as a little child when I would rearrange my doll house miniatures. Now I rearrange my collections to get ideas for possibilities new assemblages.

Chinese/Japanese Collection

Saints and Royalty

Budda, India and Nepal


Diane said...

Hi Pam! I am so so glad that I found your blog--you're art is wonderful--I look forward to more!!

Pam McKnight said...

thanks Diane, Now I can go visit your blog!