Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Night Musings

Fun weekend hanging out with girl friends, eating, drinking, watching movies, skate skiing, hiking and making art..and speaking of to play in Marianne's cool new studio.

When Marianne came over the other night she thought this piece above would be good for the Valentines for Aids Auction...looking at the invite, it's all electrical stuff and it says "you turn me on" Nancy gave me the pieces below...I may play around with them this week and see what else I can come up with.
In my last blog I also mentioned the print exchange "leftovers" I started on that project today. I drew out a design of some flowers on a disk that Vicki gave me, then carved out the design. I inked it with black acrylic and then printed it on Joss papers , with gold and silver leaf that I bought at the Asian Grocery.
Next I will mount them on black paper and then see if I need to add anything else. Photos to follow.
This week lots of meetings. Docent recruitment and Boise Open Studios on Monday. Wed. and Thurs. Treasure Valley Artist Alliance Board Meeting and Education Committee meetings. :)

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