Monday, March 22, 2010

Early Spring in Eugene

M.E.C.C.A. & artist garage sale finds

When I went to Art and Soul in Portland I met Yona who was from Eugene and volunteered at M.E.C.C.A. Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts, so I made sure to put that on my to-do-list when I knew I would be going to Eugene to visit my daughter for Spring Break. It was a cool place and Yona even happened to be there. It is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to divert reusable materials from the landfill and put them back in the hands of people who can use them. We stocked up on some cool stuff for my art projects and then when checking out we saw a flier for an artist garage sale and got some more finds. My daughter and her boyfriend had been talking about wanting to make candles out in the back shed and we found a whole box of candle making supplies for $10 so mom got it for them.:)
We had three days of wonderful early Spring weather with no rain! We explored several parks, ate at many good local restaurants and visited Cody, Panda (the dog) and Victoria's favorite spot on the river.

Bill and I got to stay in the special " loft apt." above my daughters new home. It was reached by a ladder in the hall closet and you couldn't stand up in it but it was newly carpeted and a big space so we could spread out all our crap. I felt like a hobbit. I've always loved cool spaces like this.

and when I got back I had a special surprise waiting for Artful Blogging magazine that I won on

A parting shot of the beauty of Eugene.

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