Sunday, March 14, 2010

Your Perceptions....

So let me tell you about this one... well first I saved a fortune cookie insert that said, " Your perceptions are sharpened through careful observation." Then I found a magnifiying glass and I put the two together in my studio for about 5 months to percolate. Then recently I bought that wood storage spice cabinet that was highlighted on my blog a week or so ago. I am using it for my little embelishments, well I had taken all the tops of the spice shakers off but of course I couldn't throw those away, they were added to the growing collection on my table. The face came from a bag of ceramic heads I bought on our "art trek" out to the hinter lands in Caldwell ID. The Yellow is an Encaustic wax sample I picked up at an art store in Portland. In the wax are embedded some found pebbles and beads. My next step is to pour resin all over the whole thing. I have not had good luck photographing items with resin on them because of the glare created, so this photo is sans resin.

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