Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Long Distance Friendships

I have had this old metal mailbox for quite some time. I bought it from a mixed media artist in Texas. Even when we downsized and sold most of our belongings, I hung on to this one for some reason.

I have always liked shrines...I have participated in many "Dia De Los Muertos" art shows were I had to create a shrine...one was for my grandmother...one was for musicians that had died.

I have been missing and thinking about many of my best girlfriends over the years that I have either moved away from or they moved from were I met them. Back in the "old" days" we kept in touch my mail. It would take a few weeks to more than a month to hear back from them or them from me.

I then got this idea to turn the mailbox into a Shrine to Long Distance Friendships. Collaged around it are various pieces from traveling, glued on it are various charms and beads and in the center opening is a vintage photos of two girls that says "friends" and a brass angel looking over them from Mexico. SOLD


mk said...

hi pam! cleverly found your blog through facebook :) thanks for your comment on mine- love the mailbox! have a great day!

Marilyn said...

Your assemblage art is so much fun. I particularly like this shrine. Thanks for visiting my blog.

peggy gatto said...

Have you ever taken a class from michael demeng? I think you would love it!