Monday, January 12, 2009

Inspiration needed on a cloudy day

Art creative every day...a portrait a day....seems like everyone that I know that is an artist has committed to do this this year. Trouble is the last 2 years I did a journal page a day and got burned out on it and now I can't seem to get fired up about something new to do.

I went to the museum today for their new docent training- I was all excited about doing this and then found out I would be missing 6 of the 15 required training days as we are going on another T@B cross-country journey. So the lady in charge said I should wait and get in on the training next year. boo hoo. Though I am excited about traveling again. And who knows maybe this new blog will be my daily creative outlet.

My other thoughts on the theme idea- I completed 26 pieces of art based on the alphabet October through November. I just completed the White Mirror- maybe my next series will be based on colors.

This is a bowl I did over the New Year Holiday when both of my kids were in town and we all went to the local pottery place. This was a memory painting based on a hike I did up in Stanley Idaho and painted a scene of the Sawtooth mountains and Redfish Lake.

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